The Best Wireless Earbuds And Headphones For Working Out

If you like to listen to music while you move, these expert-recommended pairs are the best of the best.
Powerbeats Pro wireless earbuds and Bose QuietComfort 45 wireless headphones

If your New Year’s resolution is to become more active or start going to the gym consistently, right now is the best time to stock up on fitness gear and accessories. And if you need an upbeat playlist to get you in the zone, you’ll definitely want a fresh pair of headphones or wireless earbuds to wear while you move.

The best workout headphones and wireless earbuds can withstand a little sweat, have amazing sound quality and, of course, stay in your ears during your most intense sessions.

But if you don’t know where to start in choosing the right kind for your ears, fear not. We reached out to fitness trainers and enthusiasts to see which earbuds and headphones are really exercise-friendly and worth incorporating into your routine. Check out which ones the pros are wearing below.

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Apple AirPods (second generation)
"Probably comes to no surprise but I wear my AirPods. They are easy, always on me and always on the charging rotation. Because of AirPods being a part of my everyday routine they just make sense and don’t find that they get too sweaty unless it’s a serious session!" — Thea Hughes, founder of Max Effort
Apple AirPods Max wireless headphones
"My favorite headphones to work out in have been the Apple AirPods Max because the noise cancellation feature allows me to tune all distractions out and hone in my workout with my favorite workout playlist." — Summer Haight, a Houston, Texas-based fitness trainer
Apple AirPods Pro (second generation)
"My go-to earbuds are my AirPod Pros. They’re comfortable and the sound quality is great for music and the occasional phone call I take when I’m running. They are also sweat and water resistant so I run with them in the rain. I do have to wear ear hook covers to prevent them from falling out my ears, mainly because my ear openings are pretty small." — Sashea Lawson, a New Jersey-based runner, fitness blogger and founder of Diverse Runners World
Powerbeats Pro wireless earbuds
"My favorite headphones right now are the PowerBeats Pro wireless earphones. Music for me is life and if the headphones are not bumping I cannot workout effectively. These earphones cancels out the distractions and gets you lost in your zone which I love. Plus, if you're like me and dance around the gym as therapy, they stay snug in your ear!" — Stephanie Victor, a New York City-based fitness trainer
Bose QuietComfort 45 wireless headphones
"I always work out with the Bose QuietComfort over-ear headphones. They fit so comfortably and completely block out any background noise. I usually go to the gym when it’s pretty crowded, so it’s nice to feel like I’m in my own little world working out when there’s chaos going on all around me." — Jillian Goodtree, a New York City-based fitness trainer
Under Armour
Project Rock over-ear training headphones
"The ear cushions are breathable and fast-drying and the noise canceling technology helps eliminate excess distraction so I can give my full attention to my workout. The bass and bold audio sound are also top-notch, which keeps me energized when I play my favorite jams during my workout." — Ariel Belgrave, a New York City-based health and fitness coach and founder of Gym Hooky

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