The Most Popular Shows On Netflix Right Now Besides 'Black Mirror'

A new Mexican drama and hit USA legal series are also trending on the streaming service.

“Black Mirror” is currently the most popular show on Netflix, according to the streaming service’s public ranking system.

A new five-episode season of the eerie anthology series premiered on June 15 to generally positive reviews from critics. This star-studded sixth season features a host of famous actors including Salma Hayek, Aaron Paul, Michael Cera, Kate Mara, Zazie Beetz, Rory Culkin, Rob Delaney, Josh Hartnett and Annie Murphy.

Next in the ranking is “The Surrogacy,” a new Mexican drama about a woman who is coerced into being a surrogate for an affluent family in order to save her father’s life. The show debuted on June 14 and consists of 24 episodes, with rumors of more to come in a second season.

"Black Mirror" on Netflix.
"Black Mirror" on Netflix.

If you’re into nature documentaries, you’ve likely already tuned in to another trending series: “Our Planet II.” The second installment in this David Attenborough-narrated program dropped on June 14 and quickly joined the Netflix ranking.

As for older shows, the USA legal “Suits” is also on the list after all nine seasons joined the platform on June 17. Now fans of Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, can check out her most popular work as an actor.

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