Bravo Reality Star Jax Taylor Calls Women Whores For Doing Exactly What He Does

Bravo Reality Star Jax Taylor Calls Women Whores For Doing Exactly What He Does
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On Sunday morning, Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor tweeted “Girls who take a picture half naked and under caption write a haiku, sweetie your [sic] not fooling anyone, you’re still a whore.”

Screenshot of the deleted tweet.

Screenshot of the deleted tweet.

It’s unclear if Taylor, who was once arrested for shoplifting sunglasses, thought he was providing women with a public service announcement by mansplaining what he believes is proper behavior for women, or if he simply thought he was being a funny and clever guy. What is clear is that he slut-shamed women for doing something he seems to enjoy doing.

Do an image search for “half naked Jax Taylor” and you’ll find a variety of Jax selfies where he’s half naked. That’s what I did, and then I tweeted a few of those pictures to him, calling him out on his misogynistic hypocrisy. It didn’t take long for him to behave like a typical chauvinist coward and block me. A Twitter pal alerted me to the fact that Taylor deleted the tweet ― which is great, but it would be super great if he also tweeted an apology publicly acknowledging what he said was wrong and sexist.

I won’t my breath.

Taylor spent the last season of Vanderpump Rules whining about how his girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright, wasn’t making him turkey sandwiches and was falling behind on her domestic duties.

Some might ask why his actions should even be acknowledged. To those people I’d like to point out that Taylor stars on one popular Bravo cable series and his new show, Vanderpump Rules Jax & Brittany Take Kentucky, debuts this week. He has over 257 thousand Twitter followers and over half a million follow him on Instagram. That’s a lot of social media influence. Other young men (and women) look at how he conducts himself and when they see him slut-shaming women, they feel emboldened to do the same.

Fans of Vanderpump Rules may remember a rumor floating around that Taylor has had sex with men. This topic was brought up last season when his friends held a roast and teased him about it. Cartwright and her very conservative mother both attended the roast and later confronted Taylor about the rumor. He was defensive and didn’t feel he needed to justify his personal life. When Cartwright’s mother pushed him, he got up and left the conversation.

Taylor rightfully believes his sex life is his business, and understandably, he refused to allow Cartwright’s mother to shame him. However, by shaming women and calling them “whores” for something he’s clearly fond of doing, he’s pushing his own perceived moral superiority onto others. He fails to realize that by doing so, he emphasizes his own hypocrisy and narcissistic behavior.

Taylor is a 38-year-old man who should know better. He’s participated in gay pride parades in support of the LBGT community, and as an actor/model/reality star living in the very diverse city of Los Angeles, one would hope Lisa Vanderpump, as well as his fellow cast members, would be positive influences and help him to recognize his knuckle-dragging, slut-shaming caveman behavior is appalling, embarrassing and ugly.

Bravo executives might also want to school Taylor on how not to be a sexist hypocrite – because evidently, he’s clueless.

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