Bronny James Is Already Making Money With Dad LeBron In New Commercial

LeBron James Jr. is still playing high school basketball, but rule changes allow him to start reaping the rewards of being a celebrity athlete.

LeBron James says he hopes to play with his son LeBron James Jr. someday in the NBA. In the meantime, the Los Angeles Lakers star might be doing the next-best thing: playing basketball with his kid, aka Bronny, in a commercial. (Watch it below.)

The younger James hasn’t even finished high school, but rule changes allow him to profit off his name, image and likeness. The combination of Bronny being a college prospect and having a legend for a father is making him an irresistible commercial commodity.

In an ad shared Monday titled “The Chosen One vs. The Chosen Son” for Beats by Dre headphones, the two play one-on-one to their own music. Pop plays classical and junior opts for hip-hop. They trade moves and makes until Mom phones to ask what they want for dinner.

Bronny, a senior guard at Sierra Canyon in a Los Angeles suburb, has already made a name for himself here and abroad. He also appeared with his iconic father and little brother Bryce on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

He’s earning his own coin, too, recently signing an endorsement deal with Nike (his dad’s brand). His arrangement with Beats by Dre will make him a “brand ambassador,” the Los Angeles Times reported.

Maybe he won’t even need any of his dad’s gargantuan NBA salary for allowance money.

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