The TikTok-Viral Cosrx Snail Mucin Essence Is On Major Sale

Reviewers and I swear by this concentrated serum to deeply hydrate, soothe and improve the look of all skin types.
Cosrx's Snail Essence contains a 96% concentration of snail secretion filtrate to help heal a damaged skin barrier.
Cosrx's Snail Essence contains a 96% concentration of snail secretion filtrate to help heal a damaged skin barrier.

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Even before the Cosrx Snail 96 Essence reached TikTok-fame status, I’d long sworn by its ability to transform my parched and sensitive skin into a complexion that’s supple and glowing — presumably thanks to snail secretion filtrate, an ingredient that does in fact come from snails.

People in need of hydrated skin have caught on, causing the slimy-sounding product to sell out left and right. It’s even made special appearances on HuffPost’s own editor’s pick lists and several skin care stories. Now, you can try the serum for yourself (or stock up) for 32% off its normal price at Amazon for a limited time.

Before you wrinkle your nose at the idea of rubbing snail secretion on your face, know that snail mucin has reportedly been used for cosmetic purposes since the ’80s in Chile when snail farmers noticed their skin seemed softer, and cuts seemed to heal faster, when in contact with the snails. It then became popular in the Korean and Japanese beauty markets.

Cosrx, the beloved Korean skin care brand, packs an over-96% concentration of the stuff into their serum. (Popular snail mucin products like Mizon’s Snail Repair contain 80% and Iunik Black Snail Restore just 70%.) According to Cosrx, snail mucin is nutrient-rich byproduct compatible with all skin types that can help improve a damaged skin barrier by offering deep hydration. This can help contribute to a more plump and glowing complexion, and there’s also some research to support the claim that secretion filtrate can promote wound healing and possibly improve the appearance of fine lines.

Aside from a blend of six different snail filtrates, this potent formulation also contains allantoin, which is considered to have anti-irritation properties and is great for sensitive or irritated skin.

If you’re wondering how it feels, it’s not the slimy, sticky goop that you’re probably imagining. The fragrance-free serum feels surprisingly lightweight on the skin, is fast-absorbing and even layers well underneath my other nighttime skin care products. I typically apply it to freshly toned or damp skin, then follow up with a retinol and moisturizer.

Take advantage of the Cosrx snail serum sale at the button below or keep scrolling to read some promising reviews from buyers on Amazon.

Promising reviews:

″I have oily/combination skin. I just got off of Accutane a few months ago and have been using tretinoin every few days only with using a simple face wash and moisturizer every morning and night. I use this on nights I am not using tretinoin. I added this into my routine and have been using it 3-4 nights a week for a few weeks. I realllyy enjoy it. I use it after I wash and before I moisturize before sleeping and it makes my skin look glowy and reduces my hyperpigmentation. In the morning, my skin looks hydrated and supple, and I really haven’t had any issues. I think it is helping with scarring and some acne that pops up, but I think it is too early for me to say that with 100% certainty.” — grayce (This review has been edited.)

“This is my second purchase of this product and I’m absolutely addicted to it! I bought it because of how many reviews said it was so moisturizing, and oh my, they were so right. I use it every morning and night right after I wash my face and it’s been working great for me. I have combination skin that is mostly dry and if you have my skin type you already know about the flaking cheeks and an oily t-zone. This product also balanced my face out, so this happens less often! I cannot stress this enough how great this product is.” — Amelia

“I have very sensitive eczema skin and have trouble finding skincare products that react well to my skin. The snail mucin did not make my skin flare up. It felt nice and cool on my face and didn’t leave a sticky residue. My noticed that my skin is less flakey now that I’ve added this to my routine. You skin need to use toner and moisturizer since this alone will not do much. Definitely recommend!” — Yeng Chang

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