20 Cozy Gifts For The Snuggliest People You Know

As a proud “bed rotter,” I approve of every single thing on this list.
A Canopy bedside humidifier, adult baby blanket, weighted microwavable plush figurine and Ugg Scuffette slipper.
Canopy, Amazon, Ugg
A Canopy bedside humidifier, adult baby blanket, weighted microwavable plush figurine and Ugg Scuffette slipper.

If you love to luxuriate a few extra hours in bed or prefer an evening spent at home cocooned on the couch, this is the gift guide just for you — or for those who need to shop for the coziness-seekers in their own lives.

As a sleepy girl with a 32-year career in lounging, I’ve never felt more seen than I have with the TikTok trend of “bed rotting,” a stay-in-bed movement that could be interpreted as an act of self care or laziness, depending on who you ask.

As an ardent bed rotter, I think it’s my duty to let everyone know that the upcoming collection contains all of the things that your snuggly loved ones actually want for the holidays this year. Ours is a list that’s filled with thick-weave blankets made at the optimum weight for burrowing, warm-scented candles and sunset-hued lighting that creates the perfect comfy-inducing ambiance.

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A supportive U-shaped body pillow
For anyone that could appreciate all-around support and the feeling of a good cuddle, this U-shaped body pillow would be a hit. The adaptive design can be positioned a ton of different ways, whether someone is reading on the couch, watching a movie in bed or getting a good night's sleep. It also comes with a cooling cover that can disperse heat, which is perfect for anyone that runs warm.
The White Company
An oversized Snuggle Blanket hoodie
Part blanket, part luxe hoodie, this intentionally oversized sweatshirt is begging to be snuggled up with. It's made from supremely fuzzy material, is available in two colors and has a plush hood that's burrow-ready.
A set of viral jersey cotton pajamas
There's been some online chatter suggesting these are the most comfortable pajamas around and possibly a more affordable alternative to a set from the luxury sleepwear brand Eberjey. While I can neither confirm or deny this, I will say I own several pairs of Target's Stars Above pajamas in a few different styles, and they have remained an absolute favorite in my rotation for their cool-to-the-touch softness, perfect mid-weight feel and ability to stay in mint condition even after countless cycles through the wash. Due to high demand, the sizing and color availability of these pajamas is always running low, but you can't go wrong with gifting anything from the brand's extensive selection of ultra-comfy loungewear. There’s also a short-sleeved version of the set with more robust inventory.
A quilted heated mattress pad
This heated mattress pad offers 12 customizable levels of gentle diffused warmth throughout the night using the two independent controllers that correspond with either side of the pad. The quilted top-filled surface of the pad makes it comfortable to lay on and there's a two-hour auto-shut-off function for safety.
A portable tea kettle
Why wouldn't you want to give the gift of bedside tea service with the Jettle electric tea kettle that seemingly magically produces boiling water or hot milk in less than five minutes, all at the touch of a button? Housed in a durable shell and offering a generous 450-milliliter capacity, the Jettle is outfitted with a few safety features like overheat protection and an integrated steam vent.
A temperature-control Ember mug
A few editors from our newsroom admit to coveting the Ember temperature-control mug, a smart little drinking vessel that can help keep teas, coffees and other beverages at the perfect toasty temp for sipping. Using either the accompanying smart app or the chargeable coaster, your gift-receiver can control the Ember mug's temperature and save presets, all while never having to worry about remembering to shut it off thanks to the intelligent automatic sleep mode.
A cotton weighted blanket
The Bearaby Napper blanket is arguably the best-looking weighted blanket on the internet. Featuring an incredibly stylish chunky knit design, the cuddly, comforting Napper is made from a breathable and buttery soft organic cotton that's free from toxic dyes or harmful chemicals. It's available in four weight options that range from 10 to 25 pounds, as well as seven different colors. (The brand suggests choosing a blanket weight that's about 10% of your body weight.)
Book of the Month
A monthly book subscription
Each month, your loved one can pick a book from Book of the Month's curated selection and read to their heart's content. Book of the Month features everything from early release books, debut authors and even classics that date back to 1926.
A Bluetooth-enabled bedroom projector
The ultimate accompaniment to a cozy movie night in, this high definition projector is Bluetooth-enabled so it can seamlessly play any viewing content from a phone and is also compatible with Roku, Fire TV Sticks, laptops and DVDs. The projector is built with two powerful stereo speakers and comes with a 100-inch projector screen.
A weighted silk eye mask
Lunya's truly luxe eye mask is comfortably weighted with a glass bead filling and is covered in 100% Mulberry silk for a temperature-regulating wear that's gentle on the delicate skin around the eyes.
A gourmand Maison Margiela Replica candle
Masion Margiela's By the Fireplace is a warm gourmand fragrance based off the brand's popular perfume, a scent perfectly befitting any nestler. It's laced with notes of vanilla, cashmere, orange flower petals and clove and would look doubly nice displayed in this amber glass candle holder dome from CB2.
A pair of Dieux reusable eye masks
With the Dieux Forever eye masks, your loved one can cozy up with the added benefit of skin care. These reusable patches help to seal in moisture and under eye treatments to maximize their benefit by encouraging product absorption.
A heated eye massager
The Renpho heated eye massager can promote relaxation and reduce puffiness, eye strain and dryness by using oscillating pressure, rhythmic percussion massaging and a comfortable temperature of 104-107 degrees. This battery-powered mask can also be paired with Bluetooth to play the listening content of your cozy person's choice.
A plush Turkish cotton robe
Envelop your loved one in spa-like comfort with this super plush bathrobe from Brooklinen, a cool brand that knows a thing or two about being cozy. Made from a 100% premium Turkish cotton that's as soft as it is absorbent, this shin-length robe comes in unisex sizes XS-XL and nine colors.
A blanket and towel warmer
You know that feeling when you step out of a steamy shower, there's a touch of chill in the air, and someone hands you a freshly laundered towel straight out of the dryer? That little moment of luxurious bliss can be replicated over and over again with this portable bucket-style towel warmer that keeps its contents nice and toasty for up to one hour. Plus, there's also a rapid warming function and built-in auto shut-off so no one has to worry about forgetting to turn it off.
A muslin cotton "adult baby blanket"
Much like those comforting blankets you snuggled with as a wee baby, this muslin cotton throw is made with the same billowy material but just upsized (55 by 75 inches and up) to make the perfect adult version. Constructed either four or six layers of a breathable, gauze-like fabric, this blanket is very popular on Amazon and comes in 11 colors. It's also a HuffPost reader favorite, likely in part due to its resemblance to pricier options from brands like West Elm and Brooklinen.
A good-looking bedside humidifier
Put an end to stale, dry and artificially heated air with this Canopy humidifier that will look legitimately nice on a nightstand. Constructed of dishwasher-safe parts for easy upkeep and capable of running up to 36 hours per tank fill, this humidifier comes in six colors and can do everything from alleviating dry noses and throats to keeping skin a little more hydrated.
A microwavable weighted plush animal
Inside this soft plushie are aromatic French lavender and an all-natural grain that gently holds onto heat when it's microwaved. Rest it on tired shoulders, cramping stomachs or wherever your cozy-seeking loved one needs an added dose of comforting warmth. If sloths aren’t your recipient’s thing, there are tons of adorable characters available, from manatees to geese.
A sunset projection lamp
Sunset projection lamps have been a favorite decor addition of mine lately and I recommend them to anyone who wants to create the perfect cuddle-worthy ambience right in their home. These compact lamps cast gorgeous warm-toned light onto walls and transform rooms into nostalgic-feeling spaces.
A signature pair of fur-lined Ugg slippers
Possibly the coziest-feeling footwear that anyone can place on their feet, these Ugg slippers feature the comfy brand's signature shearling lining and soft suede exterior. They come in seven color combinations and women's sizing 5-12, as well as men's sizing 7-18.

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