20 Adorable Stocking Stuffers That Will Make Anyone Go 'Squee!'

These small and unique gifts are sure to delight at prices you’ll like.
A Jenny Lemons fake cake craft kit, Sips By mug, corgi butt coin purse, TonyMoly octopus blackhead scrubber, crocodile planter and kawaii-inspired sticky notes from Etsy.

I’m convinced that stocking stuffers are the best gifts. They’re an opportunity to acknowledge your gift recipient’s unique personality with cute, silly items that’ll add some unbridled fun to your holiday.

What’s more, stocking stuffers have the potential to light your giftee’s days up all year long, since they’re often the perfect size for displaying on desks or bedside tables or keeping in purses or backpacks.

We’ve rounded up some of the most squeal-worthy gifts from everywhere from Amazon to popular small businesses like Jenny Lemons and Ban.dō. Read on for these adorable picks that include dreamy stationery, breakfast-themed candles and a bestselling screaming goat figurine.

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An octopus-shaped blackhead scrubber
Skincare aficionados are sure to get a kick out of this viral octopus-shaped exfoliation tool, which uses a combination of Dead Sea salt, taurine and cellulose beads to slough off dead skin and pull out excess sebum. It's designed to work best on damp skin, so it can be used in the shower! It'll also just look cute as a bug sitting on your bathroom counter, waiting to be of service.
The Baby Nessie loose tea infuser
This Baby Nessie will brew your loose tea to perfection and look cute as all get-out while doing it. The creature’s long sea monster neck functions as a steeping spoon and an easy stirring tool, while the body conveniently infuses your ground or powdered teas. It’s dishwasher-safe, so when you're done brewing you can just discard your used leaves, rinse it out and pop it in the dishwasher for a deep clean. Baby Nessie is made with BPA-free, food-grade silicone.
The bestselling Screaming Goat
The screaming goat is an iconic stocking stuffer thanks to its hilarious shriek that perfectly sums up the emotions of everyday life and acts as a surprisingly effective stress reliever. This goofy gift is such a hit, Amazon reviewers have given it nearly 30,000 5-star ratings.
Sips By
A dreamy cloudy blue sky mug
These dreamy handmade cups are meant to inspire serenity and joy. They're microwave- and dishwasher-safe and come in three sizes, as well as in sunset and pink cloud designs!
A toast candle for breakfast lovers
This sweet piece comes with one ceramic "toast" candle holder and two beeswax "butter" tea lights. (It's also available as a ceramic egg candle for over-easy devotees!)
A bestselling waving inflatable tube guy
This wacky, pint-sized inflatable tube boi is here to cheer you on whenever you need it. Its base contains a little fan to help it wave, wiggle and dance. It's also a cute gift for fans of Jordan Peele's movie "Nope." It requires a 9V battery to work.
A 12-pack of squishy animal toys
Squash stress away with these tiny mochi animal toys whose tummies are squishy sensory bliss. I was gifted these by a friend and love rolling them between my fingers while I'm at my desk; they get a lot of compliments and I'm always asked where I got them. They also come in another version that includes squishy animal paws alongside their pictured belly-up friends.
A corgi butt coin purse
Pup lovers will fawn over this plush corgi butt coin purse. It'll securely store cash, cards and other knick-knacks while providing a smile and a giggle every time you peep it. (Just look at its little paws!)
A sweet ceramic crocodile planter
This smiling crocodile planter has captured my heart, and any quirky plant lover in your life is sure to feel the same. (This darling dinosaur planter comes in at a close second!) It measures about 11 inches in length and does not have drainage holes, so it may be best for succulents or other small, low maintenance greenery.
Jenny Lemons
A pink cherry fake cake craft kit
Decadent faux cakes have been trending lately as a type of of luxurious yet tongue-in-cheek decor. This sweet DIY craft kit gives you the opportunity to make one yourself. It comes with everything you need, including fake cherries, acrylic paint and spackling and piping materials. You can also grab it in an equally adorable yellow or blue style.
An acrylic rack earring stand
We know you've been needing a better way to organize your earrings, so might we suggest this adorable hanging rack? Each of your favorite pairs gets their own doll-sized hanger, which fits studs and dangling earrings alike. It'll look so cute all filled up! It requires no assembly, and its sturdy base ensures that the rack will stay put. It also comes with a little handheld bonus mirror.
Some adorable kawaii-inspired sticky notes
These dreamy sticky notes from Hmong-owned small business Unicorn Eclipse are perfect for the student in your life or for anyone who's trying to get organized in the new year. (I swear by them myself!)
A vinyl sun catcher decal
Stick this sunny decal from Unicorn Eclipse to a clean window and watch the sunlight cast delightful rainbows around the room. It's removable, so you won't have to worry about it leaving any stickiness.

P.S.: Cats love these, too! Unicorn Eclipse owners Hleeda and Chia reported that their cat, Genji, loves to sit amid the rainbows this sun catcher produces; check out the video on the the listing page for a shot of Genji in action.
A reusable sticker book
I couldn’t help but include this one last item from Unicorn Eclipse, because it is that cute while being legitimately very cool. It’s a reusable sticker book, made of double-sided release paper so you can stick, re-stick and remove your stickers cleanly, without having to commit to one place to put them. You can easily peel your stickers off the pages whenever you’re ready for them to go to their final destination. Plus, this way your collection of stickers won’t be languishing in a folder or a drawer where you can't flip through and appreciate them. And these designs? Squee!
A "kittens in space" Decomposition notebook
I received this adorable notebook as a gift and it’s been one of my favorite items since. It makes taking notes so much more fun — just look at these kittens floating around gleefully in outer space, playing with mice and meteors! It's also great quality to boot, with a sturdy front and back and 160 lined pages made entirely of recycled paper.
A 12-pack of succulent tea lights
These petite succulent tea lights make adorable stocking stuffers whether you divide them up amongst plant loving pals or gift them all to a particularly devoted plant parent. The plant part of the candle burns for thirty minutes, after which the tea light will continue to burn for about four hours.
Some nostalgic pet accessories
These adorable Tamagotchi-inspired pieces are designed to be worn as ID tags on your pet's collar, but they're so adorable that I think they'd also be great on a keychain or propped up on a desk to encourage smiles. They're available in various colors and in two sizes, with the option of custom engraving on the back.
A bestselling puzzle featuring 120 meowing cats
Simply put, the cat lover in your life needs this handmade puzzle. You can choose between versions with 504 pieces or 1000 pieces. A "postcard puzzle" option with 24 pieces is also available elsewhere on seller Rebecca Salinas's Etsy page.
Some cute evil eye stickers
For a dose of squeal-worthy evil eye designs, you can’t go wrong with Iranian-American-owned Etsy shop Nazarjoon. Their stickers are creative and light-hearted while carrying the mythologized tradition of protection from the evil eye. I own both of these stickers myself, and love the heart sticker on my laptop while the crossed fingers emblazon one of my notebooks. The heart design can be matte (as shown) or purchased in a sparkly version!
Some 90's-style Lisa Frank-inspired animal keychains
These nostalgic Lisa Frank-inspired animal keychains are truly sure to delight. There are dozens of designs to choose from, including adorable puppy pairs, leaping orcas and sweet unicorns.

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