Desi Lydic Spots 1 Thing That Impresses Her About Kristi Noem's 'Unusual' Dental Promo

The "Daily Show" guest host mocked the South Dakota governor, who was sued over her endorsement of a Texas cosmetic dental practice.

Desi Lydic filled “The Daily Show” crowd in on South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem’s “strong, somewhat unusual bid for the spotlight” after the Trump-loving Republican shared a video promoting a Texas cosmetic dental practice Monday.

The comedian, who co-hosted Wednesday’s show alongside Michael Kosta, addressed Noem’s endorsement of Smile Texas where she praises the “remarkable” team who gave her “a smile that I can be proud of.”

The governor –– who is among those former President Donald Trump mentioned as a possible running mate last month –– has since been sued by consumer advocacy group Travelers United, who described Noem as making an “undisclosed advertisement” for the dental practice.

Lydic questioned Noem’s “shilling” for the company before naming the one thing that impressed her about the dental trip.

“This might be the first time a woman has had to fly into Texas to see a doctor,” she quipped.

She also mocked Trump’s search for a potential vice president as him “seeing how soft their lips feel on his ass” before playing video of Noem’s dental plug.

“My husband and I flew down to Houston, got here two o’clock in the morning and did an appointment that very next week,” Noem said in the video.

“Why is a sitting governor doing an ad for veneers? And for a dentist in another state, isn’t that insulting to South Dakota? ’I flew to Texas at two in the morning because these hillbilly dipshits in my state are bad bad,” Lydic joked.

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