‘Daily Show’ Bids Farewell To ‘GOAT Of War Criminals’ Henry Kissinger In Wicked Roast

The show’s correspondents, Ronny Chieng and Michael Kosta, debated where the late secretary of state with “zero morals” stands in history.

The Daily Show” guest host Michelle Wolf didn’t hold back her criticism of Henry Kissinger as she moderated a debate on whether the former secretary of state, who died Wednesday, is the “greatest” of U.S. war criminals.

Wolf added her own tribute for Kissinger — whose obituaries have cited “the blood of at least 3 million people on his hands” and noted his “grotesque war crimes” — after airing news reports that cited his role in bombing Cambodia and encouraging the “dirty war” in Argentina.

“Henry Kissinger is dead, which just goes to show you — if you have zero morals, you’ll lead a long, stress-free life,” Wolf said. “He committed massacres and lived to be 100 while the rest of us over here are dying at 47 because we can’t stop stressing over the time we waved to a person who was actually waving to someone behind us.”

She went on to introduce a sports-like debate between “The Daily Show” correspondents Ronny Chieng and Michael Kosta before Kissinger was labeled the “GOAT of war criminals” by the former declared.

“Vietnam, Cambodia, Chile — shall I continue? Pakistan, East Timor. This dude was doing massacres in countries that Americans didn’t even know were countries. He was putting them on the map and then carpet bombing them off the map,” Chieng said.

“He’s like a genocidal Carmen Sandiego,” Chieng added.

Kosta later chimed in with another contender, adding that the debate “starts and ends with” former Vice President Dick Cheney.

“His prime years were fire. Afghanistan, Iraq, Guantanamo — the man shot his friend in the face, and it was one of the nicest things he’s ever done,” Kosta said.

You can check out more of the “war criminal debate” on “The Daily Show” below:

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