Now, You Can Get Diptyque's City Candles Online For One Week Only

Diptyque's City Candles are bestsellers IRL, and now you finally buy them online.

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Get them while they're hot: You can get Diptyque's City Candles online for one week only. 
Get them while they're hot: You can get Diptyque's City Candles online for one week only. 

If you started this year with tons of travel plans — booking international flights, reserving hotel rooms and renting cars for road trips — you’ve probably had to rethink, rearrange or just cancel them completely.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has kept lots of us inside for the last couple of months, but you might still be thinking about taking a trip. You aren’t alone, either — some people are taking socially distant overnight trips, and Away just had its first-ever luggage sale.

But you don’t have to go very far to smell the cities on your “to travel” list — such as the flowers at a London market or Key lime pie in Miami — cult-favorite candle brand Diptyque is now offering its City Candle collection online.

Starting Friday and through Sept. 25, you can finally buy City Candles on Diptyque’s website — which includes the cities of Berlin; Beverly Hills, California; Hong Kong; London; Miami; New York; Paris; Shanghai; and Tokyo.

Diptyque’s candles are known for being on the more expensive side. And these candles are $74 each, with each weighing 6.5 ounces. All the candles in the collection are made in France.

These candles are a getaway without having to <i>actually</i>&nbsp;get away.&nbsp;
These candles are a getaway without having to actually get away. 

Usually, you can only get these candles in the city they’re named after. Now you don’t even have to catch a connecting flight to get them.

Diptyque is popular but pricey, reaching cult status in recent years, along with companies such as Otherland, Overose and Boy Smells. These candles aren’t cheap, but fans who swear by them think they’re hot.

By the looks of it, there are plenty of folks reaching for their matches these days, with candle sales lighting up in the last few months. You might feel like investing in wax that’s worth it and won’t just burn out within just one flame.

There are limited qualities of each candle, Diptyque said on its site. So you might want to click “checkout” quickly if you’ve always wanted a Diptyque candle.

Other bestsellers from the brand include the Baies (French for berries) and Figuier (French for fig trees) candles.

Now’s your chance to get Diptyque’s City Candles without having to fly to Berlin or Beverly Hills. And if you’re wondering what these candles really smell like, we’ve rounded up the City Candles with their scent notes below.

Check out all of Diptyque’s City Candles.

Tokyo Candle
The Tokyo candle has a woody scent and is supposed to smell like a "stroll along" the "shade of Japanese cypress trees." Find it for $74 at Diptyque.
Berlin Candle
The Berlin candle has notes of blossoming linden trees, which has a little bit of a light honey scent. Find it for $74 at Diptyque.
Hong Kong Candle
The Hong Kong candle has notes of Bauhinia blakeana ( Hong Kong orchid) and a floral vanilla. Find it for $74 at Diptyque.
London Candle
The London candle is meant to smell like a flower market, with notes of lilac, juniper, heliotrope and hyacinth. Find it for $74 at Diptyque.
Miami Candle
The Miami candle has notes of magnolia blossoms and citrus, which are meant to make this candle smell like Key lime pie. Find it for $74 at Diptyque.
Shanghai Candle
The Shanghai candle has notes of osmanthus flowers and green tea. Find it for $74 at Diptyque.
Beverly Hills Candle
The Beverly Hills candle has notes of white flowers, mint and lemon. Find it for $74 at Diptyque.
New York Candle
The New York candle has notes of cedar wood, vetiver and patchouli. Find it for $74 at Diptyque.
Paris Candle
The Paris candle has notes of chypre and lavender. Find it for $74 at Diptyque.