Drew Barrymore Called ‘Cringey’ For Slowly Caressing Oprah's Hands During Interview

People are slamming the "Drew Barrymore Show" host for awkwardly touching the billionaire businesswoman.

Fans think Drew Barrymore got a little too touchy-feely with Oprah Winfrey during a recent interview.

After a preview of Tuesday’s episode of “The Drew Barrymore Show” hit the internet, social media users blasted the “Charlie’s Angels” star for the “cringey” way she caressed Winfrey.

In the clip, the two women are sitting on a couch while chatting about the importance of mingling with a studio audience. As the two talk, Barrymore awkwardly squeezes Winfrey’s hand while stroking the veteran interviewer’s arm for what seems like forever.

The billionaire businesswoman and actor appears to try to subtly break free from Barrymore’s grip as she repositions herself while continuing the conversation.

Though Winfrey never protested, social media users on X (formerly Twitter) didn’t hesitate to dig into Barrymore for apparently not “taking the hint” to give her some space.

Others defended Barrymore amid the backlash.

Those sympathetic fans weren’t the only people who took up for Barrymore after the awkward moment.

TMZ reported Tuesday that Winfrey shut down the accusations that she wasn’t fond of the interaction and insisted that she was actually comforted by Barrymore’s embrace.

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