19 Thoughtful Gifts From Black-Owned Businesses To Give This Year

Readers shared their favorite Black-owned brands to shop during the holidays, and they offer the best in skin care, clothing, books and more.
A dry body oil from Haus Urban, the Break-Out spot treatment by Rosen at Ulta, People Of Color Beauty nail polish, an Oh So Paper personalizable stationery pad, an I Love Banned Books mug from Comma Bookstore and a bell hooks vintage-style tee from The Black School.

How you spend your hard-earned dollars is one of the easiest ways to make an impact — to put your money where your mouth is, so to speak. This is doubly true during the holidays when we all may be be spending more than usual, and want to make sure we’re spending thoughtfully and conscientiously.

That’s why we’ve rounded up people’s favorite Black-owned businesses. You can explore excellent gift options that also put money into businesses you’ll truly want to support.

The recommendations ahead — sourced from HuffPost Facebook readers and from HuffPost editors — cover everything from mouthwatering candles to fan-favorite bookstores to Kwanzaa starter kits to stationery, athleisure and skin care products. Take a look and discover some truly awesome Black-owned brands.

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Rosen skin care
Rosen is one of my go-to skincare brands for their gentle yet effective products that treat my acne without stripping my skin in the process. I swear by their spot treatment in particular, which uses zinc to calm inflammation and redness without being overly drying. I won't use any other spot treatment on my breakouts anymore. (In fact, the business was started after owner Jamika's own struggle with acne.)
Haus Urban
Haus Urban, a natural body care brand that also aims to inspire self-love
HuffPost Senior Culture Editor Erin Evans recommended Haus Urban. This Black-owned business crafts delectable body balms and oils that nurture skin from the inside out, with superstar ingredients like protective daikon seed extract, rejuvenating rosehip seed oil and nourishing grapeseed oil. I'm seriously intrigued by their lightweight yet super-moisturizing dry body oils and plan to pick one up for myself!
Harriett's Bookshop
"Definitely check out Harriett's [Bookshop]," wrote reader Em Martina on Facebook. "The store is amazing in and of itself; but also, the owner was the catalyst for and continues to have incredible cultural influence in the way of progression in predominately white Fishtown, Philly." The bookstore is named for Harriett Tubman.
People Of Color Beauty
People Of Color Beauty's nail polish
People Of Color's nail polishes are my favorite in my polish collection. Designed "for people of color and those who live in color," they have long-wearing nude, bright and shimmer polishes and much more. They'd be a perfect gift for anyone who loves doing their nails. Their products are also cruelty-free and vegan; the business was started by a mom who never saw her own skin tone reflected in most nail polish marketing growing up.
The Magnus Company
The Magnus Company
Reader Austyn Burns recommended The Magnus Company via Facebook "for magical and imaginative books and toys that celebrate black children! All of their products are beautifully made and high quality," wrote Burns. "They showcase our culture and heritage while encouraging wonder and imagination."
AllVeryGoods on Etsy
Cat-themed holiday cards from AllVeryGoods at Etsy
"I am a super fan of this D.C.-based illustrator’s beautiful, funny and thought-provoking cards and stationery," said HuffPost Shopping's managing editor Emily Ruane in our editor's picks gift guide. "I think this multi-pack of cat-themed holiday postcards will make for a great stocking stuffer."
Kindred Spirit Candle Company
Kindred Spirit Candle Company
"Kindred Spirit Candle Company is amazing!!" wrote Akua Njeri on Facebook. "These candles are everything. Soothing, energizing and beautifully packaged!! She uses the best products and for our allergy-prone home they are the absolute best!!" This Black-owned business is based in North Carolina, where owner Monique makes candles and more with her son.
Ctoan Co., a business that makes body positive candles
"Ctoan Co. makes beautiful body positive candles in different skin tones that smell amazing!" Corin Purifoy told HuffPost via Facebook. "I absolutely love mine!" This Black woman-owned business is based in Wisconsin.
Mented Cosmetics
I’m obsessed with all of Mented’s makeup, but particularly their semi-matte nude lipsticks, which are simply a dream for olive and brown skin tones. Everything is also vegan and cruelty-free!
Comma Bookstore & Social Hub
Comma Bookstore
Reader Carrie Mattern recommended Flint, Michigan-based Comma Bookstore via Facebook. "Truly a gem in our community featuring Black artists, live entertainment, book clubs and outreach," wrote Mattern.
Danessa Myricks Beauty
"Danessa Myricks Beauty is a skin care makeup brand on the leading edge of beauty innovation," Quetta Davis told HuffPost via Facebook. The brand is informed by Danessa Myricks' years-long work as a makeup artist and has taken the beauty world by storm due to its innovative, norm-breaking products. Her blurring balm powder, which boosts, blurs and hydrates in a lightweight, matte formula, is especially popular. It's also vegan! I'm personally a fan of her eyeshadow (which you can also use on cheeks and lips).
Vontélle eyewear
Vontélle is the "best contemporary eyewear company," wrote Andi Jack via Facebook. They offer stylish yet practical adult and kids' eyewear, and you can add prescription lenses to any pair of glasses they offer, too. The brand says its colors and patterns "channel our African, Caribbean and Latin heritage."
Skincare Essentials By Jill
Skincare Essentials By Jill
"Skincare Essentials By Jill is a black-owned skin care provider here in Buffalo, NY," wrote Tiffany Mcleod on Facebook. "Her craft knows no bounds. She creates phenomenal skin care products that leave you feeling [and] smelling amazing." Jill, a nurse, started the business after setting out to treat her infant daughter's skin conditions without relying on steroid creams.
The Black School
The Black School, an experimental art school based in New Orleans and teaching radical Black history
I've been following The Black School's work for a while, and believe they have some of the best vintage–style tees available, including this bell hooks shirt I bought for myself and a friend last holiday season. Learn more about The Black School's work here; each purchase helps support their mission.
Oh So Paper
Oh So Paper, a personalized stationery business
Via Facebook, reader Deborah Newell recommended Oh So Paper. Oh So Paper is a Black- and veteran-owned stationery brand based in Oklahoma that lets you customize notebooks, stickers, signs and more to celebrate and showcase your unique individuality.
Actively Black
Actively Black athleisure
Newell also suggested Actively Black, an athleisure brand that offers clothing, shoes, bags, swimwear and more. The company was started by former basketball player Lanny Smith.
Kemi Telford
Kemi Telford, a clothing brand inspired by the creator's Nigerian upbringing
"I'm obsessed with the easy fits and beautiful prints in Yvonne Modupe Telford’s clothing brand Kemi Telford," wrote HuffPost Shopping managing editor Emily Ruane. "The U.K.-based Nigerian designer creates crisp, voluminous cotton separates inspired by the
wax prints of her homeland. Something like this easy-wearing boxy blouse would make an impressive gift for a fashion-forward friend."
KwanzaaMe, a Detroit-based Kwanzaa lifestyle brand
"KwanzaaMe provides kinaras and educational resources to communities around the nation," wrote Cam Morris via Facebook.
Natural Annie Essentials
Natural Annie Essentials home decor and candles
Via Facebook, reader Lauren Todd recommended Natural Annies Essentials, a Black woman-owned home fragrance and home decor company. The products, which are made in its Connecticut studio, are influenced by the culture of Jamaica, where owner Annie grew up.

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