These Deliciously Comfy Pajamas Are My Holy Grail — And They’re On Sale

"I cannot believe how much I love them," wrote one reviewer.
Hanna Andersson's striped pajamas are currently on sale.
Hanna Andersson
Hanna Andersson's striped pajamas are currently on sale.

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I live for comfy clothing, so when my similarly comfiness-obsessed friend kept wearing the same pair of super-soft striped PJs to our hangouts circa 2017, I knew they had to be something special. They were none other than Hanna Andersson pajamas, and it turned out she had stolen them from her mom. (Sorry, mom.)

I couldn’t wait to try them out. Nearly seven cozy years later, I have never looked back. I’m convinced they’re worth every single penny — and right now, they’re on sale for 30% off for a limited time.

The short of it? Hanna Andersson pajamas are deliciously, deliriously soft, made of breathable organic cotton that gets even softer the more you wash it. I’m convinced they are the holy grail of pajamas; I audibly sigh when my four pairs are in the laundry hamper and I must resort to my backup college sweats. (Yes, I own four pairs in order to avoid this exact situation.)

The true magic of Hanna Andersson, in my opinion, lies in the fact that the brand primarily manufactures children’s clothes and pajamas. This makes their adult pajamas extra soft and smooth, the kind of high-quality rib knit designed to please even picky, sensitive children. For me, wearing Hannas is like slipping into freshly washed sheets, every night.

Their stretchy elastic waist is super comfy and never tight, which I love since it allows you to wear them even with fluctuations in weight. And their seams are flat and smooth, making them a sensory treat for my sensitive, eczema-prone skin. Much of their adult options have unisex sizing, and I find that sizes S-M fit me well as a curvy yet short person, with adequate room in the thighs. The jammies accommodate all heights due to their tapered ankles, which are made with soft ribbed cuffs, so they never drag the way that other pajamas and pants do on my short legs. And, because the ankles are tapered with smooth cotton, you’ll never have uncomfortable elastic digging into your ankles.

Two pairs of the iconic Hanna Andersson striped pajamas.
Hanna Andersson
Two pairs of the iconic Hanna Andersson striped pajamas.

I also love their unique striped design, which you can play up or down thanks to the array of colorways ranging from classic navy and gray to bombastic orange and green to vintage-inspired blue and pink. They’re also available in creative seasonal prints, like this polar bear set and adorable Easter bunny long johns, and fun character themes like Star Wars and Harry Potter.

They also have matching family sets if you really want to have some fun (and fun they are: I convinced another friend of mine to try them, and she loved them so much that she bought pairs for her mom and grandma to match).

They’re simply THE pajamas to hibernate in this winter, and you’ll find that you’ll keep wearing them all year round. Did I mention they’re machine-washable? (They’ve never shrunk on me, despite dealing with dryer shrinkage with almost all of my other clothing.)

I refuse to gatekeep these, and a plethora of reviewers agree. Check out what they have to say, or grab your pair for 30% off.

“These pajamas are SO SOFT. I cannot believe how much I love them. If you’re sensitive about itchy clothes, these are for you. They run true to size, maybe a tad big - you will not regret these pajamas.” — Kim M

“We have been wearing these pajamas for years, and love the quality and comfort. Cotton is a must for our family-So cozy for sleeping or lounging! Wash&dry beautifully. Would (have) recommended to others.” — Michelle R

“Love my Adult Unisex Long John pajama Pant! They fit great, are soft, cozy, and I love that they have nice cuffs at the bottom so they don’t ride up my legs during the night when I’m sleeping. A very nicely made, good quality pajama pant...something we don’t find very often these days.” — Sharon R

I pretty much live in my Hannas since the pandemic. They are comfy and cozy. So much so that my boyfriend had me buy him a pair to try. He is totally sold and I had to buy him a second pair.” — Moira M

“I absolutely love the Hanna Andersson pajamas in all colors. I wish they had more adult unisex options to choose from! I’ve been wearing Hannas my entire life and got this pair for my first week of college. They are incredibly soft (as always), and have a muted grey/white color scheme that is neutral enough to feel comfortable in when I am going down the hall to the bathroom.” — Mindy P

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