The Best Black Friday Home And Pet Deals Available Right Now

Take advantage of these Amazon deals on luxury decor, kitchenware, pet products and more for your home.
A two-tone pouf ottoman, a ceramic table lamp, the Bissell Little Green portable carpet and upholstery cleaner and a faux marble coffee table from Amazon are all steeply discounted for Black Friday for a limited time.
A two-tone pouf ottoman, a ceramic table lamp, the Bissell Little Green portable carpet and upholstery cleaner and a faux marble coffee table from Amazon are all steeply discounted for Black Friday for a limited time.

Home is where the heart is. We spend hours of our time at home sleeping, eating and recharging, so you deserve to make your space a true haven. That’s why stocking up on items for your home during Cyber Week, when the internet infamously sees some of the best deals of the entire year, will serve you well.

We’ve combed the web for some of the best Black Friday discounts at Amazon, and tons of these products are indeed the lowest price they’ve been at all year. So curl up and enjoy scrolling through our steeply discounted picks, including cozy bedding, home living hacks, high-end decor and more. You’re sure to find a deal that suits your fancy while saving you some hard-earned bucks — and alongside these Amazon deals, you’ll find a few other can’t-miss home deals from retailers that we couldn’t resist including.

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The Roomba 692 vacuum (18% off list price)
If you're looking for an affordable robot vacuum that'll get the job done, this Roomba model is a great choice. It has versatile brushes that pick up everything from dirt and dust to pet hair (including on carpet), and can detect which areas in your home are particularly dirty, like a high-traffic entryway, so it can clean them more thoroughly.

Plus, it can connect to your Alexa or Google Assistant device. When its 90-minute runtime is up, it automatically docks itself to recharge. Easy.
A two-tone "pouf" ottoman (60% off list price)
This cozy yet casual jule-cotton pouf is designed to retain its shape whether you kick your feet up on it or take a seat. It'll add a modern farmhouse vibe while making your space feel truly homey.
The Chom Chom reusable pet hair remover (37% off)
Tens of thousands of Amazon reviewers swear by the Chom Chom for getting rid of pet hair, with more than a few reviewers declaring that they were so exasperated before trying this product that they were about to literally shave their cats.

To use it, roll it across furniture like you would a lint roller; its rubberized blade and microfiber surface effectively capture pet hair inside of its handy receptacle, which you can then dump out to keep using it — no sticky-paper waste required.
The Bissell Little Green portable carpet and upholstery cleaner (28% off list price)
If you're one of the many people who've had this Little Green cleaner on your wishlist, now the time's to spring for it. It's a no-brainer for anyone with a couch (so, all of us?) or carpet: It literally sucks out messes, grime and stains (including puke and pee for those with pets or kids) using powerful suction. It's lightweight and portable, so you can carry it up and down stairs and even to your car to clean that backseat that hasn't been wiped down in too long.

This version includes specialized tough stain and spraying crevice tools for extra-effective deep cleaning, and it also comes with a trial-size bottle of Bissell's cleaning solution.
A Suprus electric lighter (50% off)
This handy little rechargeable electric lighter is supposed to be a game-changer for anyone who loves candles and incense. You can simply use one of these instead of going through packs of matches or disposable lighters. It's available in several colors, is easy to use and charge and is wind and splash-proof.
An "adult baby blanket" from Amazon (44% off list price)
This HuffPost-favorite “adult baby blanket” is made of soft, breathable muslin and resembles the gauzy linens that are normally used to swaddle newborn babies.
A Kasa Smart Wi-Fi mini plug (30% off list price)
These handy Kasa smart plugs allow you to turn your home electronics on and off from anywhere — so you never have to waste money on your electric bill after forgetting to turn off your fan or lamp again. An added perk? By being able to turn lights off and on while you're gone, you can make it look like you're home even while you're on vacation.
A four-pack of motion-sensing dimmable nightlights (28% off list price)
I had always assumed nightlights were for children who struggled with a fear of the dark. But when a previous roommate wordlessly put a nightlight in our apartment’s shared bathroom, I quickly realized how subtly revolutionary these practical little gadgets are. I absolutely loved never having to turn on the overhead light late at night, so I could actually fall back asleep after a bathroom trip. I now swear by my these for my bathroom, kitchen and dark staircases, so much so that once I moved into a new place, I, too, wordlessly bought and plugged in nightlights of my own.

These dimmable nightlights turn on when they detect motion in the dark, and turn off again after 60 seconds of inactivity (you can also opt to turn this function off, keeping the nightlight either always on or always off). Its motion-sensing function makes it a great choice for dark areas like garages or even closets, plus helps cut down on your electricity bill.
A set of four Italian wine glasses (44% off list price)
These stylish, steeply discounted 15-ounce wine glasses were crafted in Italy through a laser cutting technique (!). They're sure to add some elegance to your meals but are dishwasher-safe for an easy cleanup.
A bestselling cat hammock (20% off list price)
Your kitty is sure to love basking in the sunshine and gazing out at the world on this highly-rated cat hammock, which attaches easily to a window with its high suction cups.

It also has a sturdy stainless steel frame so your kitty can jump up and down or stretch out on it safely.
A cordless Dyson V11 vacuum (39% off list price)
This power-hitting cordless Dyson gets the job done quickly and effectively. Its cordless design allows it to be carried easily while minimizing cleaning fatigue, and it sports three cleaning modes so its suction power can be tailored to the job. (I leaned on this vacuum heavily when my roommate's cat had a particularly bad case of fleas, and I don't know how I would've survived without it.)

It's also an excellent trapper of hair without getting fur or strands tangled in its brush. Its filtration system is also a sight to behold, helping capture a purported 99.99% of dust and other allergens while supposedly expelling cleaner air. I find it perhaps too satisfying to check out all the dirt and dust it sucks up that had been floating around and dirtying up my carpet.

It also comes with seven accessories to better clean your mattress, suck dirt from tight crevices, and even get some dusting in.
A pair of popular Beckham pillows (up to 40% off)
Boasting over 158,000 5-star ratings, these pillows are filled with a soft down alternative that helps them keep their plush shape, which makes them a great pick for back, stomach and side sleepers alike. Hot sleepers will especially appreciate the pillows’ cooling fiber and breathable cotton cover with a luxe 400-thread count. Plus, reviewers are obsessed with them, with some writing they’ve been on a years-long hunt for the perfect pillow that led them here.
A bestselling electric can opener (40% off list price)
This can opener was created specifically to help a family member who was having a difficult time in the kitchen due to arthritis in her hands. It's designed to automatically open cans completely hands-free, with two taps of a button, leaving can edges smooth and free of sharp edges. Reviewers with arthritis and difficulties gripping especially love this, calling it a "gem." It requires four AA batteries.
An orthopedic three-sided bed for larger pets (20% off list price)
This comfy three-sided bed offers extra support for your larger pups to rest their head while its thick foam base is both cozy and easy on their joints. It's also machine washable with a waterproof inner lining to protect the bed from any accidents.
Traeger wood pellet grill and smoker (19% off list price)
This wood pellet grill and smoker is $150 off, the lowest price it's been all year. This quality grill maintains consistent temperatures for perfect grilling results. It can also connect to Wi-Fi so you can track your grilling process through an app.
An Amazon Basics pet playpen (31% off list price)
This steeply discounted foldable metal pet playpen will come in handy whenever you need a secure, closed-off space for your pup or other small pet to exercise in and let off some steam. (You can also use it to help with your pet's behavior when you have guests over, especially if they have small kids.) This is the lowest price it's been all year.
A bestelling Levoit Core 300 air purifier (19% off list)
The Levoit Core 300 air purifier is an established internet favorite thanks to its effective filtration system that puts pollutants, smoke, pet dander and allergens through a 3-in-1 filter, including a HEPA filter. But what makes this air purifier really stand out is its thoughtful details, like its whisper-soft night mode and the display-off feature that allows you to turn its LED light off so it won't bother you when you're trying to sleep. This “lightning deal” is valid Friday only.
A Jonathan Y ceramic table lamp (54% off list price)
This stunning lamp sports a strikingly detailed ceramic body, a sleek cotton shade and includes LED light bulbs so it'll be ready to use immediately. Its LED light bulbs are compatible with Alexa devices. This is the lowest price it's been all year.
An automatic pet feeder (43% off list price)
This automatic pet feeder can pretty much do it all. You can choose between 40 portion sizes depending on what your kitty or pup needs and program it to dispense food up to four times a day, day or night. It can also audio record up to 10 seconds of your voice to help encourage your pet to eat and increase your bonding. Plus, it holds up to four liters of food at a time so you can step out for a long weekend and know your fur baby will be well fed.
A contemporary round coffee table (47% off list price)
This faux marble coffee table with a tempered glass top will add some elegance and flair to your home without breaking the bank, since it's now the lowest price it's been all year for.
A Ninja XL air fryer (33% off list price)
This impressive air fryer is the one to grab, with reviewers calling it one of the best investments they've ever made for their kitchen. It allows you to crisp, roast, reheat and dehydrate, all with less oil and in less time than traditional cooking methods for juicy, quick meals. It also works as a toaster oven so you can perfect your pizza bagel game! And it can serve as an extra oven as you prep your Thanksgiving meal.
A fluffy, plush bed for pets up to 10 lbs (41% off list price)
This cozy pet bed is designed to help anxious dogs and cats relax, thanks to its round shape which helps satisfy their instinct to curl up and nest. Its plush orthopedic design promises to be comfortable even for pets with arthritis or joint pain. It's even machine washable!
A stainless steel water fountain for pets (47% off list price)
If your pet isn't drinking enough water, a water fountain may help. The running water signals that the water is fresh and good to drink, plus the availability of dripping water gives cats in particular to opportunity to drink without whisker fatigue. This one is made of durable stainless steel, which may last longer than plastic fountains while helping prevent your cat from developing dreaded kitty acne (yes, it's a real thing)!

This one holds 3.2 liters of water to give your pet plenty of water to stay hydrated. It's also designed with a quadruple filtration system and a pump that promises to be extra quiet.
A Ring video doorbell with a spotlight camera (26% off list price)
This popular device allows anyone to see, hear and speak to someone at their front door through their smartphone, tablet or computer. It also sends mobile notifications when anyone sets off its built-in motion sensors or rings the doorbell. It provides an extra sense of security for those living alone, and is designed to easily connect to Wifi and pair with Alexa-enabled devices. This pack also comes with a camera to give you an expanded view of your doorstep (and anyone at the door).
A Jackery portable power station (30% off list price)
Powerful yet weighing only 6.6 pounds, this versatile power source is lightweight to maneuver while supplying an impressive amount of power due to its 240Wh lithium-ion battery pack. It's designed to provide power backup for you to charge phones and laptops and use necessities like lights or portable fans should a power outage occur.
A fresh set of Brooklinen sheets (20% off)
Brooklinen's site-wide sale makes it an excellent time to refresh your linen closet. These über-comfy 100% European flax linen sheets will carry you from winter to summer, and their unique garment-dyed colors will make them look effortlessly cool.
A popular weighted blanket from Casper
Score up to 75% off all clearance items at internet-favorite mattress brand Casper until Nov. 30. You can snag bestselling mattresses, bedding and pillows at a steep discount, including this comfy weighted blanket.
A Bruvi coffee brewer bundle (50% off)
Coffee lovers can score 50% off this Bruvi Bundle with code FRIYAY150. The versatile single-serve Bruvi machine makes coffee, espresso and cold brew through a unique brewing system that promises no cross-contamination for a tastier (and more hygienic) cup of joe. The bundle also includes 20 bio-degradable coffee pods, a water filter kit and more.
A bedding bundle from Buffy (50% off)
Plus, grab up to 50% off bedding bundles at Buffy, including this cult-fave eucalyptus set complete with swoon-worthy pillows, a comforter, duvet cover and sheet set.
An Aerogarden Harvest kit (56% off list price)
This popular hydroponic system helps to grow lush herbs indoors, all year round — and this is the lowest price it's been all year. It comes with a six-pod herb seed kit to grown basil, mint, thyme, parsley and more, and features a control panel that automatically turns the LED lights on and indicates when it's time to add water or plant food.

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