'Insecure' Showrunner Shares An Upbeat Note On 'Fate' After Announcing Last Season

Executive producer Prentice Penny explained how the episodes have a connection to former President Barack Obama.

Insecure” showrunner Prentice Penny offered fans a positive way to think about the end of the series after HBO announced on Wednesday that it will end after its upcoming fifth season.

Penny tweeted to grieving fans of the show, which stars its creator Issa Rae, that the last episode of “Insecure” will inadvertently pay homage to former President Barack Obama.

“We found it comforting to end the series doing #44 episodes,” he wrote. “As fate would have it - our best numbered President. #barackObamaTheGoat”

The nod to Obama, who was the 44th president of the U.S., may or may not have eased the pain for fans who have long followed the show’s characters, including Issa, played by Rae, Lawrence (Jay Ellis), Molly (Yvonne Orji), Tiffany (Amanda Seales) and Kelli (Natasha Rothwell).

“Insecure” fans have long been vocal about their love for the critically acclaimed series.

In 2019, many viewers expressed their dismay on Twitter that the show’s fourth season would not be returning until 2020, which was nearly two years after Season 3.

In another tweet on Wednesday, Prentice assured disappointed fans that he and Rae had “always” intended to have only five seasons of “Insecure.”

He then teased that the last season would have 150 episodes — a joke referencing fans who continually tweet about wanting more and lengthier episodes of “Insecure,” which are a half hour long.

Rae joined other castmates who tweeted about the end of the series on Wednesday, writing that she was “very excited” to film the fifth and final season of the show.

“We couldn’t have told a complete story without the tremendous support of our audience and the faith of @HBO,” she wrote. “See y’all soon!”

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