James Corden's Final 'Crosswalk the Musical' Has More Finality Than You Think

The "Late Late Show" host hit the streets one last time — with a darkly comic twist.

James Corden gave himself a Hollywood ending Wednesday in the final “Crosswalk the Musical” ― albeit a tragicomic one. (Watch the video below.)

The curtain goes down Thursday on Corden’s eight-year run as host of “The Late Late Show,” so he went all-in on his last chance to ham it up in the streets.

With the help of actors Josh Gad and Jane Krakowski ― plus copious amounts of champagne ― Corden led numbers celebrating Hollywood musicals, including “There’s No Business Like Show Business” and “Singin’ In the Rain.”

Corden and Co. performed to the usual mix of bored and delighted commuters, but Corden wanted an encore. Solo.

That’s when the asphalt theater took a dark turn.

“Don’t honk at me. I am a star!” he yelled after running into the intersection.

One driver apparently disagreed, plowing into Corden. In his faux dying breaths, the comedian asked Gad and Krakowski if they’d saved the theater.

“You saved the theater, James,” Gad said. “You and Lin-Manuel Miranda,” Krakowski added.

The camera rose to show the chat host sprawled out on the street, just waiting for his police chalk-line silhouette.

Perhaps it was a fitting theatrical end for Corden, whose jolly persona has been killed off recently by claims that he’s the collaborator and diner from hell.

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