Jennifer Lopez Responds To Canned Cocktail Critics Who Say 'She Doesn’t Even Drink'

"That was true for a long time," Lopez said in a new video.

Jennifer Lopez has finally addressed critics of one of her most recent business ventures, a canned cocktail called “Delola.”

The “Jenny from the Block” singer drew some backlash in April when she announced her venture into the alcohol industry, since she has spoken in the past about not drinking.

“I have been grinding nonstop for decades and more and more, I realize the importance of enjoying life,” Lopez said in the advertisement announcing Delola. “I just wanted to create something better. Better tasting, better ingredients, something I want to drink with my friends and family, and that is Delola.”

Citing a source close to Lopez, CBS News noted at the time that Lopez has “been pictured drinking at events over the course of her career, but has chosen to limit her drinking to improve both her health and appearance.”

But the singer herself never directly addressed anything on the record ― until now.

“You know what, I know that a lot of people have been talking about, like, ‘Oh, she doesn’t even drink,’” Lopez said in a video posted to Instagram on July 4. “‘What’s she doing, you know, with a cocktail line?’”

“And to tell you the truth, that was true for a long time. I didn’t drink,” she explained. “A few years back ― as you will see from several photos over the past 10, maybe 15 years ― I have been, you know, having the occasional cocktail. I do enjoy the occasional cocktail.”

“I do drink responsibly,” she added. “I don’t drink to get shitfaced. I drink to be social and have a nice time and just kind of relax and let loose a bit, but always responsibly.”

A 2018 InStyle article noted that Lopez “credits her looks to the wholesome habits she’s maintained throughout adulthood: no caffeine, no alcohol, lots of sleep.”

“I’ve taken care of myself, and now it shows,” Lopez told the publication at the time.

While promoting the launch of Delola this past April, Lopez told Food & Wine that she hadn’t “been a big drinker my whole life.”

“For a long time, I didn’t drink at all,” Lopez said. “But I’m very particular, and I wanted [Delola] to be something that’s easy to pour over ice and drink.”

Blake Lively recently received some similar backlash, after the “Gossip Girl” star, who has spoken about her decision not to drink, launched a cocktail line of her own.

“Drinking isn’t my thing. But for f* sake, flavor is,” Lively wrote last week in the caption of an Instagram post announcing the new line. “Homemade recipes. Real fruit. Real ingredients. Quality booze. No crap. Also a real time saver. Which is why I really did it.”

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