John Mulaney Reveals The Celebs Who Had The 'Worst Reaction' To His 'SNL' Pitches

The comedian was more than happy to name names.

John Mulaney stopped by “Hot Ones” on Thursday to drop a few spicy takes on former celebrity guest hosts at “Saturday Night Live.”

When host Sean Evans asked Mulaney who had the “worst reaction” to some of his pitches while on the show, the “Baby J” comic was ready to name names.

“Josh Brolin,” Mulaney said without hesitation. “Josh Brolin went, ‘Well, this isn’t funny,’ as I was writing something and I started to walk him through it. And he went, ‘Yeah, no, but that’s not funny.’”

“It was so a matter of fact I wouldn’t even call it ‘the worst,’” Mulaney said, as he began to walk back his answer.

“I’m not answering your question because it was such a gentlemanly exchange of ideas,” the comedian quipped. “‘Hey, Josh Brolin, do you like this idea?’ ‘Let me see ― no that’s not funny.’”

“Actually, he did me quite a service,” Mulaney continued, before naming another standout celeb.

“I remember we had a joke when Mick Jagger hosted that was: ‘Hey everyone, I’m Mick Jagger, so mothers lock up your daughters, and daughters lock up your mothers,’” Mulaney said. “And he listened and he went, ‘No, I don’t like that.’”

Mulaney has shared a version of the same story during his stand-up special “Kid Gorgeous,” which aired in 2018.

“Mick Jagger, he came in to host the show. All my friends were all like, ‘Is he nice?’ Noooooo,” Mulaney said to laughter. “Or maybe he is, for his version of life. ’Cause he has a very different life!”

“I pitched him a joke, and he went ‘Not funny!’” Mulaney said in a British accent, mimicking the star. “I mean, people say that on the internet, but never to your face does a British billionaire in leather pants go, ‘Not funny!’”

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