Green Bay Quarterback Jordan Love's Father's Day Message Backfires

Aaron Rodgers' replacement explained the social media clip that riled up fans on Twitter.

Jordan Love of the Green Bay Packers saw very little action as Aaron Rodgers’ understudy at quarterback, so maybe he ought to refrain from trolling the fans of a division rival for now. (Watch the video below.)

But at first it seemed that’s not how Love saw it on Sunday. He’s the supposed starter now that Rodgers plays for the New York Jets and he appeared unafraid to tease the Chicago Bears faithful. Or at least try to.

“Happy Father’s Day to all the Bears fans out there. Go Pack go,” Love said in a clip on social media.

There was a bit to unpack there, as many fans pointed out.

Was Love merely sending sarcastic good wishes to an enemy fan base? Or was he referring to the Packers’ paternal-like dominance over the Bears in the reign of Rodgers (24-5 vs. Chicago), who once screamed to fans at Soldier Field, “I have owned you all my fucking life!”

And if so, why did it sound like he was casting the Bears fans as fathers?

As it turns out, it was none of the above.

Love said Monday he was asked to offer the wishes as a favor to a fan. “Didn’t think much of it lol but I see y’all really took it and ran with it,” he wrote on Twitter. “Regardless I hope everyone had a great Fathers Day.”

Fans had thoughts on Love’s confusing Father’s Day message:

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