Josh Brolin Rocks Just A Cowboy Hat In Nearly Nude Snap From The Set Of 'Outer Range'

The actor relaxed in his birthday suit while shooting the Amazon Prime western.

Josh Brolin bared his soul ― and then some ― while teasing what’s to come on his show “Outer Range.”

The veteran actor stripped down to just a cowboy hat while “prepping for a scene” for Season 2 of the supernatural Western series. He shared the striking black and white photo on Instagram over the weekend.

In the photo, Brolin gazes off into the distance in New Mexico wearing little more than his birthday suit.

The Marvel alum paired the picture with a pensive caption. “We are taking things in a different direction now,” Brolin wrote. “It’s a shifting world and we have to be sensitive to all. Power of example is everything, so examples we are.”

“We aren’t supposed to post photos from the show but this isn’t really during the show, but rather lunch outside in the beautiful Santa Fe desert,” he continued, thanking photographer Brian Bowen Smith for “documenting our most private moments on the set.”

“Outer Range” debuted in April 2022 and was renewed for a second season in October. The Amazon Prime series follows the story of the Abbott family in the wake of their daughter-in-law Rebecca’s disappearance.

Talking about his character Royal with Entertainment Weekly last April, Brolin said, “I liked the idea of taking a stereotype and killing it.”

“It was scary for me because you have to be more emotional and walk on this uncertain plane,” he told EW. “As an actor, that was really interesting to me. I was just looking at it like, ‘why are you doing TV after 20 years?’ Because it frightened me. It’s a big swing, and I like that.”

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