Kacey Musgraves Endorses Candidate With A Beer. GOP Won't Be Saying Cheers.

The country star asked during a concert if she get could get a drink and this Democratic hopeful answered the call.

Kacey Musgraves said she needed a beer during a concert in Austin, Texas, over the weekend. (Watch the video below.)

Texas governor candidate Beto O’Rourke answered the call, apparently earning the country singer’s endorsement in the Democrats’ race against GOP incumbent Gov. Greg Abbott.

“Honestly, I could use a drink,” Musgraves blurted out during the Austin City Limits Music Festival. “Is there any beer or anything out there?”

Enter O’Rourke to the stage, where he handed her a bottle of brew. She drank. He bowed and exited. Musgraves said the refreshment “hit the spot,” and “Beto!” chants rang out in the crowd.

O’Rourke’s camp later bolstered Musgraves’ backing by posting a video of the moment with the caption: @KaceyMusgraves for Beto!

Musgraves, a six-time Grammy winner who’s a native Texan, has also been using her celebrity to troll a certain prominent GOP politician representing the state.

“Cause everyone knows someone who kills the buzz every time they open their mouth — Ted Cruz,” Musgraves sang in a tweak of her song “High Horse.”

“I said what I said,” she added for emphasis to fans at the previous weekend’s City Limits show.

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