Yes, Kanye West Painted His Body Silver This Weekend

The rapper was covered in head-to-toe chrome on Sunday for his latest opera production.

When Kanye West drops a new album, people talk; when he paints his body silver, people have questions.

On Sunday, images began surfacing online of the rapper in head-to-toe metallic in preparation for his opera production “Mary.”

Featuring music from the Sunday Service choir, an American gospel group helmed by West, “Mary” was unveiled on a barge at Miami Marine Stadium during Miami Beach’s Art Basel and reflected the Christmas Nativity story.

“Mary represents an innovative interpretation of West’s own music, gospel standards, and traditional opera alike,” read a press release for the event that described the opera’s format as “a new medium through which to express [West’s] commitment to faith and his ever-expanding musical and visual palette.”

It’s unclear why West was doused in chrome, but images on TMZ indicate he was not the only one bathed in the substance. West’s reps did not immediately respond to a request for more information.

Reasoning aside, people on Twitter had a lot to say about Silver Kanye:

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