Kari Lake And Ruben Gallego Spar On Plane Over Border Wall

The in-flight exchange between the senator candidates showed lots of attitude at altitude.

Republican Kari Lake and Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-Ariz.) put their beefs in their full upright position during a flight the senatorial candidates shared by chance on Thursday.

The early frontrunners for the 2024 Arizona race sparred over the Mexican border wall after an announcement that the Biden administration was permitting construction to resume on about 20 miles of wall in South Texas ― and waiving federal laws to do so.

The Trump-worshiping Lake linked to the news on X, formerly known as Twitter, and asked the progressive ex-Marine Gallego, “Hey, Ruben, do you still believe that a border wall is racist” and accused the congressman of “facilitating an invasion.”

Noticing that the two were on the same plane from Washington, D.C., to Phoenix, Gallego tweeted: “Hey @KariLake we’re on the same plane! Just come back from first class to coach and we can chat. Happy to walk you through all my legislative work to deliver key resources to AZ’s border communities.”

Lake replied, “Feel free to say hi, Ruben. I can help with your homesickness. I know it’s got to be difficult for you to leave your full-time residence in DC and visit the people you pretend to represent.”

Upon reaching their destination, the exchange continued at the airport, where it was captured on video as Lake reportedly wore a lapel mic, per The New York Times. Lake used her media skills as a former news anchor to play to the camera as the conversation veered from collegial to confrontational.

“I’m not going to work together with you,” Lake told her rival. “I’m going to beat you.”

Lake, who denied her 2022 gubernatorial election defeat, was being floated as a possible running mate for Donald Trump in his 2024 presidential bid but officially became a candidate for senator this week.

Lake and Gallego are considered party favorites for the seat occupied by former Democrat Kyrsten Sinema, who became an independent. Sinema has yet to announce whether she’s running.

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