Katy Perry's Reaction To An 'American Idol' Contestant Singing Her Song Says It All

Perry judged a hopeful who covered her song, "Rise."

Katy Perry gave a funny and flattering critique to a New Jersey teen who sang the pop star’s song, “Rise,” on “American Idol” Sunday. (Watch the video below.)

Perry has announced that this season will be her last as a judge ― and Hailey Mia helped her enjoy it in style.

The polished 16-year-old had Perry nodding and smiling as she performed, with Hailey belting out a note halfway through that left the Grammy-nominated artist visibly stunned.

After being joined by fellow judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan in a standing ovation, Perry declared, “That was inspiring.”

The “Dark Horse” singer copped to “full body chills, even in places where I’ve been Botoxed,” as she applauded Hailey’s performance.

Richie also praised the teen singer for “reinventing that song with your voice. You make it sound like yours.”

The three panelists reached a unanimous decision to advance her to Hollywood.

Prior to her appearance on “American Idol,” Hailey participated in Season 21 of “The Voice” in 2021, where she finished in fourth place.

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