Katy Perry Has Wardrobe Malfunction And Some 'American Idol' Viewers Get Mad

The judge is in her final season, and she's leaving behind a memorable moment.

Katy Perry suffered a wardrobe malfunction on “American Idol” Monday that appeared to annoy some viewers. (Watch the video below.)

The judge wore a sleek metallic-looking chest piece as her top, and during the episode, it unfastened somehow.

“That song broke my top off,” Perry announced as she held the item in place after contestant Roman Collins performed.

“Ratings, here we come,” fellow judge Luke Bryan joked.

Perry partially sank below the desk to shield herself from the cameras, telling viewers, “It’s a family show.”

“You have the ability to blow the roof off of a place,” Bryan told Collins, per USA Today. “Or a top!” Perry added, as she held a cushion to her chest to keep the contraption from falling.

The “Firework” singer shared some of the drama between acts as staffers tried to repair the loose garment in front of the studio audience.

“I need my top to stay on,” she said. “If it’s not fixed, this show is gonna get more than it wanted.”

Bryan playfully tried to remedy the problem with what looked like scissors or pliers. “I’m going in,” he said.

Several commenters on Perry’s Instagram seemed peeved about the incident because of the challenging outfit she had on in the first place.

“Maybe don’t wear a fucking ship anchor to a tv show,” one wrote.

“Maybe try wearing proper clothes rather than dressing as the tin man!?” another suggested.

“Ahhh the joys of wearing fucking stupid clothes,” someone else said.

Perry announced in February that this season of “Idol” will be her last.

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