Under-$25 Gift Ideas For Grandparents That Young Kids Will Actually Want

These parent-approved gifts are ideal for grandparents to give kids 10 and under.
A drawing board, Baby Shark mic, Calico Critters set and a bag of Kinetic Sand.

For all the joys of being a grandparent, it can be challenging to know what to gift little ones when the holiday season comes around. With the internet moving a mile a minute and babies practically born with smart phones or tablets in their hands, who knows what kids want these days and which presents will actually be loved by them (and their parents)?

To help you nail this holiday season without spending hundreds of dollars, we asked our favorite parents and aunties of little ones to share the things their children are asking for this winter. Every item listed is currently owned and loved or on the wish lists of kiddos 10 and under. From science-themed craft kits to snuggly blankets, the options range from the practical to pure fun.

All are under $25 and sure to bring a smile this holiday season.

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An erasable doodle board
For little hands learning to write or kids who spend a lot of time in the car, consider this reusable doodle board with an attached stylus that erases with the touch of a button — BuzzFeed accounting manager Amanda Nardo says her three-year-old loves it! It's not a screen, but looks like a tablet and is great for drawing or learning letters and numbers.

Air Hogs Zero Gravity Sprint remote control car
BuzzFeed culinary producer Kelly Paige, who has three boys aged 1, 4 and 6, has been eyeing this gravity-defying remote control car that’s sure to get kids excited. "I've been seeing this toy all over TikTok," she messaged me. "It's a remote control car that drives up walls."
Some Baby Shark swag
My best friend Cory Lomberg, a certified super-aunt, knows exactly what her two-year-old nephew wants for Hanukkah: literally anything with Baby Shark. This singing storybook comes with a bunch of fun buttons and sounds for little fingers to activate, and the singing microphone plays the song and has a real amplifying voice feature.
Kinetic Sand
Also on Lomberg's nephew's wishlist: Kinetic Sand. It's sensory play sand that never dries out, so little hands can squish it forever. Best of all, it sticks to itself and cleans up easily so parents won't completely hate it.
An adorable dollhouse bathroom set
Shopping editor Emily Ruane recently scored this incredibly chic dollhouse as a hand-me-down for her two-and-a-half and four-year-old girls. "I am looking to round out our collection of accessories and I'm hoping that my parents (or my in-laws) can bestow us with this insanely adorable bathroom set," Ruane said.
Or a minimal kitchen set
Ruane says her girls would also love this colorful kitchen set that contains a fridge, sink, oven, table and two chairs. It's modern and pleasing to the eye and will make even nostalgic doll houses feel modern.
A set of Calico Critters
For little ones who aren't super into dolls, think Calico Critters: adorable, tiny animal figures that are soft to the touch but durable. Ruane shared that her girls can never have enough, and knows they would love this adorable family set for their beloved dollhouse.
A dinosaur clay kit
My dear friend Crystal Slawinski, who has three boys 1-9, says her kids have been enjoying more hands-on creativity activities that are more scientific. She's grabbing this dino model clay set that allows kids to cover a set of bones.
A bracelet-making kit
For her own boys and other kids in the family, Slawinski is also getting bracelet-making kits this year. This kit contains color and letter beads as well as a variety of strings.
Budget-friendly Legos
Another favorite in the Slawinski house? Legos. But don't be deceived by the flashy super super-expensive sets; Slawinski said you can find great, smaller more affordable Lego sets, like this Star Wars Starfighter kit, that make for great gifts.
A dazzling water bottle
Jennifer Bendery, a senior politics reporter for HuffPost, says the way to her four-year-old’s heart is via rainbows, unicorns, sparkles and Elsa.

"Literally any product with any of these things is a guaranteed winner," she said. "A product with a COMBO of these things is solid gold. She has a water bottle [like this] and it brings her immense joy."
A soft patterned blanket
Bendery says her four-year-old was gifted this snuggly unicorn blanket and really loves it. It comes in other pattern options if your grandkid is more of an alien or dinosaur person, but each option is soft and colorful. Best of all, curling up with it may make them a little less resistant when bedtime rolls around — meaning parents will be happy, too.
Anything with Elsa’s face on it
As Bendery says, Elsa from Disney's "Frozen" still reigns supreme. This model set lets kids do Elsa's hair and is a fun way to teach small hands how to braid.
The big pack of crayons and oversized coloring books
Bendery, who has over 90,000 followers on X (formerly Twitter), helped us source some suggestions from her followers. One of them suggested the mega pack of crayons and jumbo drawing books to let kids’ creativity soar. Bendery seconded this choice saying, "Kids LOVE coloring, [especially] with giant coloring books and bazillions of crayons."
Professional illustration markers
To really make a creative 8-to-10-year-old feel special, one of Bendery's followers suggested gifting a set of "adult" markers, or higher quality dual-tip markers, from an art supply store like Blick. It's a step up from the type used in school and can really make a young artist feel validated. These double-tipped professional-grade illustration markers are favored by cartoonists and designers, and boast both a wide chisel tip and a delicate brush nib on either end.
A Bluetooth beanie or affordable ear buds
If your not-so-little little one is starting to get their own tablets or smartphones (or if they share one with their parents), some of Bendery's followers suggest gifting an affordable pair of Bluetooth wireless earbuds as an entryway into the world of tech. One suggested getting this fun beanie that has built-in Bluetooth speakers and even a head flashlight. HuffPost readers also love the waterproof, long-lasting Tovo earbuds, which don't break the bank and are super durable.
A fun flashlight or headlamp
Some of Bendery's friends suggested gifting a little one a fun flashlight or a headlamp they'll love to wear. This could be a great option for a kiddo with outdoorsy parents who go camping or hiking, or someone that's a little afraid of the dark.
One of Bendery's followers suggested a starter kit of K'nex, saying it keeps kids busy for hours and is something that's easy to built on to. If you're looking for a present you can add to every year, this classic set of interlocking plastic building components is it.
A unicorn sensory bin
A HuffPost staffer who preferred to remain anonymous says this sensory bin will win the holidays for kids ages 4-7, noting that it looks way more expensive than it actually is and will keep little (and big) hands busy for hours.
A magic clay set
That same staffer also recommended this set of kid's clay for toddlers and gradeschoolers alike, saying, "I've bought it several times and it lasts for several rounds of play!" It comes with plastic accessories that kids can use to enhance their freeform figures.

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