Amazing Destinations For A Last-Minute Solo Trip

Travel experts reveal their favorite cities, countries, islands and regions for a spontaneous vacation.

Solo travel is one of the best ways to explore the world while fostering personal growth and broadening your horizons. In fact, the practice has become so popular that some hotels have even starting offering amenities that cater to solo travelers.

Taking a trip by yourself is also a great approach for last-minute adventures when it’s hard to find others who are free to drop everything and get away. And the possibilities for places to visit are seemingly endless.

“A last-minute trip is one that takes minimal planning,” Sue Cockell, a travel coach and founder of Sue Where? Why? What?, told HuffPost. “That means no complicated visa requirements or language barriers, plus easy navigation and good public transport networks. It should have a good safety record, predictable climate, and plenty of flights and accommodation options.”

With that in mind, Cockell and other travel experts shared the destinations they recommend for a last-minute solo vacation.

Montreal, Québec, Canada
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"If you have a passport, Montreal is a no-brainer for a quick solo trip," said Meredith Carey, deputy editor of content at Tripadvisor. "From the Midwest and East Coast, it’s at most a three-hour flight, so you won’t suck up too much trip time actually getting there. Logistically, it’s also incredibly walkable with an easy-to-use Metro system, meaning you won’t have to secure a rental car."

She praised Montreal's food scene, with solo traveler-friendly bar seating at popular restaurants like Le Super Qualité and Joe Beef.

"The museums are top-notch, the shopping is majorly underrated and, when the weather behaves, the green spaces are packed with locals picnicking and relaxing," Carey added. "All of that adds up to a city where you can just show up and walk around, letting spontaneity rule your trip."
Sedona, Arizona
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"Sedona offers a unique blend of stunning natural beauty, spiritual retreats and outdoor adventure opportunities, making it an ideal choice for solo travelers looking for a spontaneous getaway," said Kelly Kimple, CEO of Adventures in Good Company.

She touted the Arizona town's vibrant art scene, rich cultural events, diversity of activities, and easy access from major cities like Phoenix and Flagstaff.

"From hiking through red rock canyons to exploring energy vortex sites and indulging in wellness retreats, Sedona offers an array of activities suited for solo adventurers without extensive planning," Kimple added. "With its welcoming atmosphere and friendly local community, Sedona ensures a safe and comfortable experience for solo female travelers. To make the most of your trip, I would suggest not missing a few iconic hike locations, like Cathedral Rock or Devil’s Bridge."
Baltimore, Maryland
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"My hometown, Baltimore, makes for the perfect last-minute trip, and one that’ll make you want to stick around for a while," said Buoyant Travel founder Briona Lamback, who noted it's easy to access by train, bus or plane from most places along the Eastern seaboard. She recommended spending time in Mount Vernon, Hampden or Fells Point.

"Many Baltimore neighborhoods are walkable and concentrated with coffee shops, restaurants, bars, bookshops, and more, all within a few miles radius, making it ideal for solo travelers wanting to see a lot on a last-minute trip," Lamback added. "Once in town, there’s so much to explore, from award-winning mezcal bars like Clavel to renowned art museums like the Baltimore Museum of Art. For a more local art experience, exhibitions are happening in the Station North and Black Arts Districts."

She suggested staying at the boutique hotel Guesthouse "for a cozy, quiet stay in the city" or the more eclectic Ulysses for kitschy vibes.
Bavaria, Germany
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Jonathan's Travels founder Jonathan Alder suggested Bavaria for a great solo trip around the holiday season. The Christmas markets are world renowned, and much of the architecture feels like something out of a fairytale.

"Southern Germany is a great one to do last minute and is very accessible from so many cities with nonstop flights," he said.

You don't have to go during the busy Oktoberfest season to enjoy Bavarian beer, sausages and traditional garb. The region is also home to incredible royal sites like Neuschwanstein Castle, Hohenschwangau Castle and HerrenChiemsee Palace.
Oaxaca, Mexico
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"For U.S. travelers looking for a solo destination, look no further than Oaxaca, Mexico," said Tara Cappel, founder and CEO of FTLO Travel. "This small town in the west of the country is truly a hidden gem that is close enough to make the trip last minute. The historic downtown and incredible food make this a great destination for a last minute five- to six-day trip.

If you have more time, she recommended visiting the little beach town of Puerto Escondido as well.

"Book a couple of activities with Coyote Adventures, an incredible local tour company who will show you some of the best parts of Oaxaca on one of their day tours," Cappel added. "This will give some structure to your trips in between eating at the many incredible restaurants. It’s also a great way to meet other travelers who you can grab dinner with."
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"Ireland is a great last minute trip," said Jen Ruiz, author of "12 Trips in 12 Months." "The weather is moderate year-round. They have direct flights from the United States and budget airlines that fly you from major cities for $400 or less roundtrip. They also have U.S. preclearance where you can have your passport processed before you fly back and walk right off your flight when you arrive."

She noted that most attractions don't require advanced reservations, and those that do are easily bookable. Dublin is more affordable than London and offers a jumping-off point to places like Kylemore Abbey, Wild Atlantic Way, the Burren, and Saint Patrick’s Grave.

"The stunning scenery & friendly locals make Ireland a fantastic destination for a solo trip," Cockell said. "If castles, spectacular landscapes, ancient stone forts, rainbows and sampling the famous Irish hospitality interests you, then look no further. A visit to a pub is a sure-fire way to make friends, and most have live music, planned or spontaneous to keep things entertaining."
Austin, Texas
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"Thanks to Austin’s accessible size, plentiful boutique hotel options, solo-friendly restaurants and bustling social scene, it’s easy to pack a bag and head to Texas," Carey said. "It’s best to snag a rental car as public transportation isn’t as accessible here, but once you’re behind the wheel, getting around is a breeze. If you’re the type that likes to be alone in a crowd, there are tons of outdoor bars, rooftops and patios to relax on, like the iconic Barton Springs pool to dip into, and country, rock and soul music venues to settle into when night falls."

She believes Austin offers enough to fully fill out a weekend, but you won't feel totally wiped out once it's time to head home.
Cultura RM Exclusive/RUSS ROHDE via Getty Images
"I loved a getaway to Curaçao," said tour guide and travel expert Kiara di Paola. "I think it’s a fantastic destination but also underrated. The island’s small size makes it manageable to plan a last-minute trip, with plenty of accommodations and activities readily available for spontaneous travelers."

She enjoys the wide range of options available to travelers, from water sports to historic sites to beautiful beaches.

"With its unique blend of Dutch, Caribbean and Afro-Caribbean influences, Curaçao boasts a rich cultural heritage that solo travelers can immerse themselves in," di Paola added.
London, England
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"My current home of London is a fantastic last-minute solo trip," said Tausha Cowan, founder of The Globe Getter. "It's overall a safe destination for solo travelers and always has something going on regardless of the time of year. There are also so many accommodation options for every budget, making it a great place for a last-minute trip. You can catch a red-eye from the U.S. and then take a late flight back to maximize your time in the city."

She recommended venturing beyond the touristy parts of London to wander around areas like Greenwich, Hampstead Heath, Clapham Common and Wimbledon.

"Each neighborhood has a distinct character and because it’s home to just over 8 million people, the blending of cultures creates something most people enjoy ― amazing food!" said travel expert and Going spokesperson Katy Nastro. "Not to mention, when you are limited on time, having a place with accessible public transport that really does connect far beyond the city center is key for exploration with minimal time."
Southern California
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"For a great last-minute solo trip, consider a road trip — just leave your driveway and explore," said travel host Samantha Brown. "One of my favorite road trips starts in San Diego, heading to Borrego Springs, through Southern California wine and lavender country, and up into the San Bernardino Mountains."

By opting for a road trip, solo travelers can save money, avoid airport chaos, and spend meaningful time reflecting, listening to music and catching up on podcasts. Brown advised considering an AAA membership for roadside assistance, doing daily check-ins with a loved one and ensuring your phone is always charged. She also offered tips for enjoying her Southern California road trip to the fullest.

"Explore the beautiful Borrego Springs, known for being part of the International Dark Sky Community, actively preserving its night sky from light pollution. Schedule your trip around a moonless night to experience the breathtaking view of millions of stars," she advised.
Puerto Rico
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"For a domestic trip that still feels like a tropical getaway, head to Puerto Rico," Ruiz said. "There are nonstop flights from cities like Dallas, Philadelphia and Chicago. Rates are a steal on budget airlines like Frontier, Spirit, Allegiant and JetBlue, with deals for under $200 roundtrip. You don’t need to exchange currency, get an international phone plan or even have a passport."

Although Puerto Rico is known for its beautiful beaches, she emphasized the wealth of other attractions, from bioluminescent bays and pink lakes to cave systems and lengthy ziplines.
Paris, France
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"Paris is my go-to location for a last-minute solo trip as someone who lives in the U.K.," said travel guide Tonia Hope. "There are consistently flight and train offers there, so you can snag a good deal last minute. The city has great transport links and is very tourist-friendly, making it super easy to navigate. Most things don’t need advance bookings, so anyone can just show up."

Travelers can admire iconic attractions like the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Louvre from the outside for free, or pay for cheaper nighttime tickets and experience the monuments as they're lit up, she said.
Your Own City
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"Domestic trips are always the best last-minute trips, staycations within your own town or city even more so," said Meg Jerrard, co-founder of Solo Female Travelers. "These are great because they’re easy ― you can literally decide on a trip, pack a bag, and be at a hotel within an hour."

She believes staycations can often be just as interesting as a trip to a destination that requires a 20-hour flight and a lot of prior planning to visit.

"We hardly ever play tourist in our own countries or cities," Jerrard added. "Everyday life gets in the way, and we tell ourselves that it’ll always be there, so we choose to explore exotic locations first. But travelers from the other side of the world spend their hard earned money and time to explore YOUR country and city, so why shouldn’t you, when it’s right here at home."

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