Laughing at Fear

If we have to see the world as a tragedy or a comedy, we might as well see it as a comedy. It's more fun.

Erica Jong - Fear of Dying

Erica Jong is one of the writers who helped define a generation. Forty years ago her book, Fear of Flying, became an iconic classic that pierced the consciousness of all.

FEAR - the original primal instinct that lives within us - is tackled again by Erica. And, although the topic this time is death, not sex, humor reigns supreme as she uncovers the foibles of humanity with her latest novel Fear of Dying.

When you get old you see that everything is a joke.

Besides her wit and humor her work is also always filled with insights and deep observations of the human condition at its best and worst. She is also keenly aware that there is more that connects us than separates us.

There's no act you can initiate that doesn't involve other people. We are all interwoven.

My conversation with Erica airs on most of our PBS stations this week and as she delighted us all in the studio, her infectious presence will pop through the screen and touch all, and as Erica writes: "Kindness is the highest wisdom."

Be kind and be wise,