Lauren Graham Admits To Dating ‘A Couple’ Of Her ‘Gilmore Girls’ Co-Stars

The actor revealed the information after she was asked if she ever dated Scott Patterson — who played Luke, her central love interest, on the show.

The Stars Hollow Gazette would have been all over this — or, at the very least, Miss Patty and Babette.

It seems that Lauren Graham offered up a pretty tasty tidbit about her personal life that many may have overlooked.

The “Gilmore Girls” star was promoting the paperback release of her book “Have I Told You This Already?” during an event in Charleston, South Carolina, last month when a fan asked her if she had ever dated Scott Patterson.

Patterson played Luke in the beloved series, who was the central love interest for Graham’s character, Lorelai.

“We did not ever take our work outside of the work,” Graham said of Patterson. “But I did date a couple of the other guys.”

“Guys, I mean, who else was I going to meet? I was there for 16 hours a day,” she added after the audience erupted.

Lauren Graham, David Sutcliffe and Scott Patterson.
Lauren Graham, David Sutcliffe and Scott Patterson.

Although Graham did not offer more information on exactly who she dated from the show (here’s hoping one was Sean Gunn), “Gilmore Girls” fans who saw a brief clip of Graham’s revelation on TikTok began to speculate, with many guessing it was David Sutcliffe, who played Christopher. Some fans on Reddit guessed it was Billy Burke, whose character Alex took Lorelai on a coffee and fishing date in three episodes in Season 3.

Although none of Graham’s flings from the “Gilmore Girls” set were ever made public, she did eventually find long-term romance on the job. She dated her “Parenthood” co-star Peter Krause for over 10 years before they called it quits in 2022.

Oddly enough, Graham wrote in her 2018 memoir “Talking As Fast As I Can” that her “Gilmore Girls” co-star, Kelly Bishop — who played Lorelai’s mother, Emily — thought Graham should date Krause well before they actually did.

“From the start of the show, Kelly [Bishop] named herself my TVM, or TV mom, by which she meant she was taking her character’s role seriously, beyond the pages or sets and out into the real world … In a maternal, protective way, she found most of my boyfriends at the time lacking, and once told me I needed someone who was more my equal, like ‘that wonderful actor on “Six Feet Under,”’” Graham wrote, per Entertainment Tonight.

Graham starred on “Gilmore Girls” from 2000 to 2007, while Krause starred as Nate Fisher on “Six Feet Under” from 2001 to 2005.

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