I Will Be Wearing These Classic Slippers For The Rest Of My Life

One reviewer has been buying the Wicked Good moccasins for over 20 years.
L.L. Bean Wicked Good men's moc and women's moc.

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New England outdoor super-brand L.L. Bean is known near and far for their timeless duck boots and surprisingly chic, monogrammable boat and tote bags. And while both of these items earn every bit of praised they’ve garnered, I’d like to add one more to the list: the Wicked Good moccasin slippers.

As I write this with with two perfectly warmed and snuggled feet, all I can say is: They may be the best thing the store makes.

A lifelong New Englander born from New Englanders, I know my way around a L.L. Bean. In fact the phrase, “Hey thanks, it’s a Bean” has become a frequent line in my parents house (after gifting my dad this adorable print a few Christmases back).

It was perhaps that same winter, where I noticed my dad, mom and best friend from high school all had the same lamb shearling slippers. They came in a moc toe style, with cool looking exposed stitching and a woodsy rawhide lace. They hard a rubber outsole that was durable and thick while still being comfortable, and the “women’s” style had a rim of rolled over fur around the heel. Best of all, they appeared to wear in nicely, not getting too matted or pilly.

They were, of course, the “Wicked Good” moccasins. I needed a pair immediately.

L.L. Bean

The $89 price tag made me a bit reluctant to bite the furry bullet. So, like all mature adults who are definitely not still on their parents’ cellphone family plan, I asked Santa for a pair.

While my parents’ slippers are both the classic chestnut brown, L.L. Bean now offers a ton of fun colors from turquoise to red to a dream lilac. “Santa” got me this great bold magenta color (which is currently on sale!) They immediately went from the box to my feet. And in the colder months, they only come off when I need to shower.

Made from super soft fur that doesn’t get sweaty or sticky, they are truly the perfect slipper. Though their thick soles would let me wear them as normal shoes, I tend to only wear them outside to grab the mail or take out the trash. From a sensory perspective, they feel really good, and they keep your feet warm even on cold creaky wooden floors. (I will say the little rawhide lace bow always comes undone, but I just let it rock untied and have never had a problem.)

I generally don’t wear socks with them because I like feeling the fur on my feet but you could wear socks for extra toasty-ness. You can slip your feet right in them, so you don’t need to bend over or pull them on. They’re so comfortable I often forget I’m wearing them in bed and then end up kicking them off in my sleep. I take them with me when I travel in the winter and religiously keep them by the door to change into when I get back home.

Through the years I’ve gone through many cheap slippers from discount stores, I never really got the slipper hype until I stepped into these bad boys. They’re a worthwhile investment for anyone who lives in a cold climate, has cold feet or just likes to be cozy. And they will last for many, many winters. Mine are going on three or four years now and still have a ton of life in them.

If you’re looking for a universal gift for someone or want to treat your feet this winter, I suggest snagging a pair of the L.L. Bean slippers — as the name states, they’re truly wicked good.

If you’re still on the fence, read some of these five-star reviews:

“I’ve been wearing these slippers for years! I won’t wear any other slippers! I’ve also bought them for everyone in my family and they all love them! So comfy, warm, and beautifully made. The colors are all perfect too! I usually get a neutral color but I got the Bramble Berry this time and they are lovely! I wear a size 9 and purchased the size 9. They are true to size. They will be a little snug at first because of the fluffy lining but will loosen up in no time. Buy them for yourself and/or for gifts! You won’t regret it!” — Lisa Samples

“These slippers are SOOO comfortable and they keep the feet warm in the cold weather. I am considering wearing them year round.” — Steve M

“Love, love, my new slippers! From the fit, to the color to the quality, can’t beat the overall product along with the integrity of the LL Bean name.” — lisa

“I’ve had several pairs over the decades. They’re wonderful. So comfortable. I’ve given them as gifts to several of my favorite people.” — Wicked Good Moccasin fan

“Excellent in every way. Good fit, wide widths. Fleece lining is warm without overheating. The sole is well designed for safety and liquid resistance but still supportive and flexible. Easy, hands-free to slip on and off. Quality and comfort.at a good price.”— Peter Feimer

“Best slippers ever! I’ve been buying these for over 20 years. Wear them every day all year long. Perfect fit and extremely comfortable” — Glenn

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