People Have Thoughts On Mario Lopez As Colonel Sanders In 'Horny KFC' Lifetime Movie

We're not sure if the short film will be finger-lickin' good or not, but we'll find out on Dec. 13.

2020 has certainly dealt us a lot of cards we didn’t expect, but Mario Lopez starring as Colonel Harland Sanders in an upcoming KFC-branded Lifetime movie is definitely up there in the list of most ... fowl.

Not quite a full-length feature, “A Recipe for Seduction” is a “15-minute mini-movie” described in a press release as “full of mystery, suspense, deception ... love and fried chicken.”

The trailer for the mini-flick provides the exact level of Lifetime melodrama we’ve come to know and love with an added dash of oddity as Lopez sports a salt-and-pepper look ― a nod to the classic white hair and beard we associate with the fried chicken czar.

The film, which comes out Dec. 13, was announced on Lifetime’s Twitter page on Monday and immediately got attention.

While some marveled at Lopez’s willingness to act in literally anything, others couldn’t help but marvel at the existence of a “horny KFC movie.” Here are some of our favorite pieces of commentary:

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