Martha Stewart Says She 'Got Knocked Out Of My Socks' By A Man And We're All Ears

The doyenne of domesticity said the encounter "was good for a night" in her chat with Drew Barrymore.

Martha Stewart told talk show host Drew Barrymore she recently “got knocked out of my socks last week” by a “very attractive” guy. The lifestyle diva then advised Barrymore on how to get her own socks knocked off. (Watch the video below.)

“You must meet a lot of guys, where do you go at night?” Stewart asked her in a Dec. 8 exchange on “The Drew Barrymore Show.”

“Home,” Barrymore replied with a touch of shame.

“Don’t you go out to dinners and parties and stuff? Your friends have to be sitting you next to eligible young men,” Stewart said.

“I’m not living that life, Martha. How do I do it?” Barrymore replied.

“You have a lot of friends, and they should be inviting you to eat,” Stewart said.

Stewart, however, admitted that her pals didn’t come through on that front, forcing her “to do it myself.”

As for the socks-y dude she met, Stewart said: “It wasn’t exactly appropriate, but it was good for a night.”

Taking in audience applause and a grin from Barrymore, the 82-year-old author and Sports Illustrated cover model declared: “Nothing happened. We didn’t go home together or anything, but it was just like a little flirtation. It’s nice.”

In a “Drew Barrymore Show” episode last year, the host lightheartedly cajoled Stewart to perhaps date Pete Davidson.

In that same interview, Stewart said she’s been single for about 30 years and “not proud of it.”

But it sounds like she’s putting herself out there lately.

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