Matthew McConaughey's Daughter Looks Just Like Camila Alves In Rare New Photos

The couple's daughter Vida just turned 14 — and she looks strikingly like her mom.

Matthew McConaughey’s daughter Vida just turned 14 — and she’s turning out to be a dead ringer for her mom.

The uncanny resemblance between Vida and her mother, supermodel Camila Alves, came to wide attention Thursday, when McConaughey shared two rare photos on Instagram to celebrate the teenager’s birthday, leaving social media users both dazed and confused.

“To Vida, who never passed a flower she didn’t pick, Happy Birthday,” McConaughey wrote in the caption, noting that Vida’s actual birthday was Wednesday. “A day late because my mobile device flew out of my pocket on the roller coaster loop at her birthday yesterday!”

The photos show Vida in a field of tall grass under an overcast sky, and elsewhere gazing off at a backlit mountain on the horizon. The post has garnered more than 130,000 likes.

While McConaughey was focused on the teen’s birthday, fans’ minds were elsewhere entirely.

“God does she look like her mama,” wrote one person on Instagram.

“Camilla’s mini me,” noted another.

“Her mom’s twin,” someone else agreed.

Vida McConaughey (right) and her mother, model Camila Alves, at Paris Fashion Week in March 2023.
Vida McConaughey (right) and her mother, model Camila Alves, at Paris Fashion Week in March 2023.
Marc Piasecki/WireImage/Getty Images

“‘Vida’ is Portuguese for ‘life’ and that’s what God gave us this morning,” McConaughey reportedly wrote on his now-defunct blog after his daughter was born in 2010. “Camila’s recovering wonderfully and we are both truly honored to welcome this little lady into our family.”

Alves, who has graced the covers of publications like Men’s Vogue, Ocean Drive and People, reportedly met McConaughey at a Los Angeles bar in 2006. They officially tied the knot in 2012.

The pair married privately in Austin, Texas, where they reside to this day. They have two other kids in addition to Vida ― Levi, 15, and Livingston, 11.

Despite some reported early tension between Alves and her mother-in-law, the family appears rather close-knit, judging by their social media posts.

If the countless comments are any indication, however, this week belongs to Vida.

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