These (Mostly) Under-$100 Mattress Toppers Can Enhance Your Tired Bed

Get that new-mattress feel for under $100.
A gel-infused swirl memory foam bed topper.

You spend a lot of time in your bed, so it makes sense that you’d want it to be as comfortable and inviting as possible. And if you find that your mattress isn’t doing the trick, you may be worried about needing to spend hundreds of dollars and hours of stressful furniture-moving to totally replace it.

However, you can save time and money, and make your place of rest a little more restful, by grabbing one these affordable and highly rated mattress toppers.

They are easy to move, don’t take up too much space and can easily be put on different beds, giving them extra longevity. For all of the toppers on our list, the queen-size version is under $100 and many of them are machine-washable, making them even more user-friendly.

Whether you like a little extra fluff, want some firmer memory foam or long to have all the cooling features you can, we rounded up the highest-rated mattress toppers to transform your bed in an instant.

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A waterproof bamboo mattress topper with a side pocket
Protect your bed and give yourself a little extra comfort with this waterproof and cooling mattress topper. It has an easily accessible side pocket for holding your phone or glasses, and it is made from a durable bamboo fiber with up to 2 inches of stuffing.

Promising review: "I had a mattress pad that kept 'traveling' because the pockets weren't deep enough for my mattress and foam topper. Additionally, it wasn't waterproof and I have two elderly cats who like to sleep on the bed with me along with my dog. I was skeptical of buying something made of bamboo but this got good reviews so I thought I'd try it. It has made my bed sooo much more comfortable. It was already a good quality mattress but this topper made it even more so. I find I'm sleeping more soundly and waking up more refreshed. Great product." — Mary K.
A classic egg crate memory foam mattress topper
Made with a lavender infusion, this 3-inch egg crate memory foam topper is a modern take on a classic bed pad. Body-conforming memory foam gives you support and relief. The responsive active suspension allows you to stay stable and cozy even if someone is getting in or out of the other side of the bed.

Promising review: "Both of our sleep quality has dramatically improved since adding this to our sleep number bed. It only took about 3 hours for it to fully expand and it was a perfect fit on our bed. It smells good too, no chemical smell just lavender. It's VERY comfortable and 100%worth every penny. I have pretty severe chronic pain and never sleep worth a crap, but I've been actually sleeping almost the whole night since i got this. I looked at toppers for several hours and finally picked this one and I'm soooooo glad i did! If you're looking for one, just get this, you will be so glad you choose this one!" — Kate & Jess.
A machine-washable cooling mattress pad with a fitted protector cover
With three different zones for your head, body and feet, this quilted mattress topper is made to support you. It's moisture-wicking and fast-drying to keep you dry and cool, and it has deep pockets that stretch around your mattress.

Promising review: "When looking for a cooling mattress topper, I was so hesitant. 'Yeah right as if it actually does anything'…reviews plus sheer volume of sales made me get this one and when I say I have been zonked out every night, I mean ZONKED. Like I wake up feeling like I was hit by a BUS I slept so hard through the night! Gone are the Under The Bed Demon Is Going To Grab My Foot kind of nights, tossing and turning all hours is ancient history, and my partner is actually allowed to touch me and snuggle again (huzzah!!!). Plus this thing is so comfy, it’s like being swaddled in clouds. If you need a cooling mattress topper, this is it, and thank yourself later!" — Kelsey Johnson.
A bamboo extra-thick mattress topper
This extra-thick and fluffy mattress topper has pockets up to 21 inches deep, with a bamboo fabric top that promises to be cooling and soft. It's machine-washable, too.

Promising review: "I looooove this! I was nervous because a lot of the mattress pads on Amazon have bad reviews on not being thick enough. I guess that would be a personal preference, but this bamboo one is perfect for me. I somehow feel like my bed is firmer and softer at the same time. For MONTHS I’ve been having problems with my back when I get up in the morning cause our mattress sucks. We put this on over the weekend, and I can move in the morning! Worth every penny." — Ashley.
A thick, quilted, cooling mattress pad cover you can put in the wash
This plush, pillowy quilted mattress topper promises to transform your bed into a cloudlike experience. It's breathable and cooling, with deep pockets that sit snugly around your mattress. It is machine-washable and overfilled with a down alternative that promises to feel extra fluffy.

Promising review: "Slept on this type of topper at a guest house. Decided to get one for our home. Getting the Best Sleep of Our Lives! Thank you! We have a thick foam topper first over the mattress for support, then this topper for softness. We already had sheets with larger pockets. This topper stays in place. It doesn't just sit on top of the bed." — Annette.
A gel-infused swirl memory foam bed topper that reviewers say helps with back pain
With a memory foam and cooling gel marble mix, this high-density topper promises to be supportive and strong. It has cooling gel beads in the material, and can conform to your body as you sleep to help ease aches and pains.

Promising review: "Y’all! This thing is awesome! We have a king bed, my husband likes a more firm mattress, we’re too cheap to buy a sleep number. So, I bought a twin size of this mattress pad, and it’s a-mazing!!! I sleep so much better! It’s worth every penny!" — Courtney.
A 2- or 3-inch memory foam mattress topper
An easy, fuss-free mattress topper, this cooling foam comes in 2- and 3-inch options. It promises to relieve pressure points through your back, as the memory foam imprints to your curves but keeps you supported.

Promising review: "I started experiencing a lot of hip pain as I’ve gotten heavier during my pregnancy, putting pressure on my hips, to the point where I had to flip from side to side every couple of hours. The mattress I’m using is too firm, and I think that was part of the issue, so I found this nice deep 2” mattress pad to try and relieve some of the pain and pressure. Let me tell you…this is a pregnant lady’s best friend. All the extra weight in the mid-section is being softly cushioned now, and I no longer have pelvic pain while sleeping on my sides. The only downside is it is slightly hot for summer. Not a big enough bummer to return though, because the cushion is everything I needed!" — Andi C.

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