This Cult-Favorite Hair Trimmer Is Almost 50% Off Right Now

The Meridian hair trimmer has over 13,000 five-star ratings for good reason.
The Meridian electric razor is on sale for a limited time.

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If you’re used to shaving with disposable razors, you know the feeling: The first few swipes of your razor remove some hair, but then it promptly gets clogged with hair and dead skin, rendering it useless. You can try to shake the hair out or bang the razor against a surface to clear it, but you’ll never get that initial smooth shave out of it again. Depending on how much of your body you’re shaving, the whole ordeal can take half an hour at best… or several hours if you’re like me and have been blessed with a lot of body hair, everywhere.

The Meridian hair trimmer — now up to 47% off, plus an additional 20% off the sage colorway with a coupon — changed all that for me. Shaves that once took me an hour now take a breezy 15 minutes. And now certain colors are even cheaper than they were during Labor Day sales, for a limited time.


The Meridian electric razor utilizes a powerful motor that promises to effortlessly cut through even the thickest of hair — and in my experience, it has more than delivered. I love how it shaves just above your skin, which helps prevent painful, itchy razor burn bumps and frustrating ingrown hairs.

Unlike disposable razors, you can use this on dry or wet skin, which has been a game-changer for me. Plus, I’ve rarely nicked myself with this electric razor. It sports a dedicated nick guard to help prevent cuts, and simply spends less time on your skin than disposable razors, so there is less opportunity for nicks. Its head is also designed in a slope to position the razor at an ideal angle to shave course hairs.

It’s available in three colors, includes various guards in case you want to trim your hair to a specified length, and comes with a one-year warranty to help ensure you’re fully satisfied. I sing the praises of this electric razor, which I purchased at full price, anytime I get. So, in my opinion, this discount makes it a true no-brainer.

Amazon reviewers love this thing, too. Check out what they have to say. And while you’re at it, take a look at this Amazon reviewer video, which convinced me to buy it.

Promising Amazon reviews:

“Trust me, buy it, you won’t regret it. WOW, I’m literally sitting here after using it in shock from how well it worked. I’ve never written an Amazon review but I spent SO much time looking for trimmers and decided to trust this one and I’m SO happy!!! I used it right after my shower with no attachments, just went straight on my skin with the trimmer part and it was perfect. It was smooth, no pain, no pinches (make sure to slightly tug the skin back when using), and I even went against the hair direction for a closer shave and it was so smooth. Make sure to clear the trimmer head of the hair whenever you see it getting kind of built up, I had to do it about 3 times in one trim but it wasn’t an issue. BUY IT!!” — KC

“I absolutely love this trimmer. You don’t have to worry about it cutting too close to the skin and nicking you, charges fast and can be very ideal for travel! The price point compared to others is amazing, plus it’s waterproof!! Normally I’d get razor burns and ingrown hairs which would itch growing back from using standard razors but not anymore 😊 if you know, you know! I cannot recommend this enough!!” — Danae B

“GAME CHANGER. WOMEN YOU NEED THIS! Why didn’t men tell women earlier to use this for shaving?! I died and went to heaven using this for the first time. Backstory, I am someone who shaves and has NEVER gotten a good shave for bikini line. Sure I can shave the area but I just get tons of razor burn and little annoying pimples after. It drove me INSANE. And there was no way around it. I won’t say this removes that. But this has been a game changer. I use this to shave all of “down there” and get it nice and close to the skin. It doesn’t remove it all like a can still see it super short. But it makes a world of difference. I get all the hair off the best I can and it makes shaving wirh a razor in the shower so fast and less irritating to my skin. If I don’t feel like having all the annoying bumps, then I just use Meridian shaver to get it super short.

“I have had no issues with it at all. Battery life is super long too, I haven’t even recharged it yet! (Been using for over 2 months!) I am obsessed with the green color. I was nervous it would be too bright but it is a beautiful aesthetic shade. I love that you can use this with all angles. I originally went slow around curves not wanting what happened in bad reviews to happen to me, but it didn’t happen! So now I press harder, use any angle, and speed through. I did feel a pinch once, but that was because I was going slow and a hair just have gotten caught. This has removed SO much unexpected stress from my life. I would easily recommend this to anyone!” — Katie

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