News Report Of Michelle Yeoh's Oscar Victory Triggers Knee-Jerk Outrage

A report describing Yeoh's historic Oscars win for Best Actress set them off.

Conservatives and others pushed back against NPR Sunday for referring to Michelle Yeoh as “the first person who identifies as Asian to win” the Best Actress Oscar.

The controversy brewed on Twitter following the “Everything Everywhere All At Once” star’s historic victory at the 95th Academy Awards.

Many accused the outlet of taking so-called wokeness to the extreme, even as several Twitter users pointed out that NPR was likely giving a nod to Merle Oberon, a 1936 Oscar nominee who hid her Asian heritage. (Readers later added a note to NPR’s tweet for “context.”)

“Google shit first before being outraged by some random tweet LMAO,” one person admonished.
The phrasing that touched off the negative reactions.
The phrasing that touched off the negative reactions.

But the knee-jerk reactions came anyway.

Perhaps in response to the brouhaha, NPR’s headline on the actual story later read: “Michelle Yeoh is the first Asian woman to win best actress Oscar.”

A reader’s note also appeared on the tweet to explain the Merle Oberon reference.

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