These Nail And Hand Care Products Will Make Your Digits Look Perfect

Here’s what’s hands down worth the money — pun intended!
Glass nail file and Hard As Hoof nail cream
Glass nail file and Hard As Hoof nail cream

Nail polish is often the star of the hand show, stealing the spotlight with bold colors, glitter, and glaze. But painting your nails is only one step of hand and nail care. Keeping hands moisturized, taking care of your cuticles, and caring for your actual nails (not just covering them with cute colors) are all important too.

If you properly care for your hands and nails, you don’t even need to wear polish for your digits to look good. Going bare has a chic minimalistic look and is a lot less upkeep. (No more reaching for your polish as soon as it starts to chip.)

Rounded up here are all the nail and hand care products you need — all available on Amazon.

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Glass nail file
Senior shopping writer Lourdes Avila Uribe swears by this glass nail file. While a traditional sandpaper-like file can leave nails feeling jagged, rough and full of micro-tears, her glass file slices through them cleanly, easily and smoothly, leaving them feeling healthy and strong.

Promising review: “So much faster than using a disposable emery board. Just wash, dry and reuse. Be sure to use gentle pressure at first if you've never used this type of file before.“ – Cheryl
Instant cuticle remover
This instant cuticle remover gets the job done in seconds and is made with aloe and chamomile, which nourishes nails. With more than 34,000 ratings (the vast majority of them five stars), it’s officially reached cult-favorite status.

Promising review: “I've tried other cuticle removers but none are as gentle, effective, and affordable as Sally Hansen's. This is just one of those products that I always have on hand and will never be without.” — Amazon customer
Hand cream that nourishes dry hands
It’s important to wash your hands regularly, but doing so can really dry out your hands. Gold Bond’s hand cream is specifically formulated for dry skin and keeps hands moisturized even through handwashing.

Promising review: “Someone gave me a sample and it worked so well, I had to get more. Just a little on my hands, rubbed in, and my hands felt and looked so much better. After just a couple of daily applications, even the ultra-dry, hard skin around my nails was good. My hands never felt greasy, but were nice and moist. My hands still felt good after washing dishes. The scent is very faint. Since I got a larger size, I am using it on my legs and feet that are already feeling better after only a few days. I highly recommend!” — S. Rakowitz
Nail concealer to make nails look naturally perfect
Want to master that naturally-perfect nails look? The secret is nail concealer, which camouflages any imperfection, like yellowing or stains. This one from Londontown is made with botanical oils that work to strengthen nails, too. Multiple HuffPosters swear by this product.

Promising Amazon review: “This polish not only makes your nails look so nice and so clean, it really actually helps repair them. My nails were really damaged due to press-on nails, so I started using this. My nails are strong and smooth again. The colors are beautiful as well. I have three different colors. Depending on how sheer you want the color, you can do one to three coats, and it dries so quickly! I love the fresh look it gives you nails, all while repairing them!” — Stef B
Nail-strengthening cream to fortify brittle nails
If your nails are flimsy and brittle, a nail-strengthening cream may help strengthen them. More than 68,000 people have rated this one by Hard As Hoof, resulting in a cumulative 4.4 stars out of five. It repairs past damage (such as caused by acrylic or gel manicures) and strengthens nails so they grow longer and stronger.

Promising review: “This product is fantastic. I purchased this in October. When I write reviews, I prefer to use a product thoroughly and allow myself to finish it before deciding to write a review. So far, this product has worked well for me. It has greatly improved my nails. It lasts you quite a while—I mean, this has lasted me a long time—and I use it every single day. A little goes a long way. My nails were previously weak and brittle, therefore I believe that this greatly strengthened them and moisturized my cuticles.

Additionally, I noticed that I had a lot fewer hang nails and that my nails looked more nourished and healthier. I also really enjoy the creamy texture of it. I really enjoyed using this cuticle cream, which is quite different from what you would expect from a product of that type. It wasn't greasy or difficult to use, and I would definitely recommend it because I have noticed some positive nail growth, which has helped me grow my nails much better now. As of February 2024, my nails are much stronger, my cuticles have never been dry, and I am able to preserve a lot more length on them than I was able to before, when I could hardly grow them out before they broke. If anybody who has had such a tough time with their nails and such, I definitely recommend this product it is great to use. Thank you!” — Sehar
Antifungal nail treatment
This isn’t the sexiest nail care product, but it is an important one — particularly because our fingers come into contact with more than anything else. An antifungal nail treatment can help treat mild fungal infections and prevent new fungus from growing. You can use it on both your fingernails and toenails.

Promising Amazon review: “This product works for me! I have had issues for a long time with my fingernails separating from the nail bed. This has repaired that problem and improved my cuticles as well. I plan to keep using it for long-term maintenance.” — Charley
Cuticle oil to nourish nail beds
Regularly applying cuticle oil can help keep nail beds well-moisturized. This one by CND is made with jojoba and almond oil, both of which are full of antioxidants.

Promising Amazon review: “I really like this product. You can see the results on first use. Only need a tiny amount to keep it from dripping and wasting. Ragged cuticles disappear. I use this before and after brushing my cuticles. I only use a soft toothbrush for that. It's not smelly. It doesn't harm nail color and I think it actually prolongs my polish.” — Ginger
Heavy duty hand cream
If you’re hard on your hands, you need a hand cream that works even harder. O’Keeffe’s Working Hands cream nourishes even the most chapped hands, supporting healing and alleviating pain from blistered skin. Apply it daily and help your hands go from dry to baby soft.

Promising Amazon review: “My elementary school-aged son’s hands get incredibly dry and cracked in the winter to the point of bleeding knuckles. They felt so scaly that I was concerned there was something more than just dry skin going on. He has really sensitive skin, so even fragrance-free lotions were burning his skin. I read the reviews and decided to give this cream a shot. I had used Working Hands in the past when it was in the tub but didn’t love it (just felt more greasy than I wanted) so I wasn’t holding my breath. WELL. We applied this after bath at bedtime and by morning, his hands were already so much better! The scaliness was gone after two to three applications and now his hands are totally healed. His skin hasn’t reacted negatively to it at all. This lotion is smoother and less greasy than my experience of the tub one and I have started using this lotion too. I highly recommend it!” — Amazon customer
A hand mask with shea butter
Hand masks are the self-care ritual you didn’t know you needed. Slip your hands into these shea butter-enriched gloves and they emerge silky smooth. They don’t drip or create a mess either.

Promising Amazon review: “My hands had been so dry for several months, because I was washing my hands more often than normal. No amount of water and lotion seemed to be helping so I figured I'd give this a shot and I was shocked by how well it worked. They went from so cracked they were occasionally bleeding to super soft after just one application. Highly recommend it.” — Shannon
Nail care tool set
There are a full 12 nail care tools tucked inside this small pink case, all with a rose gold shimmer. Having clippers, a file, scraper, and pick all on hand (no pun intended) will keep nails healthy, helping to prevent hangnails and breaks.

Promising Amazon review: “This was perfect to stick in my travel bag. Came exactly as pictured with all pieces intact and included. Everything works well and as expected. Clippers and scissors cut well and leave a smooth edge. Very nice kit to have on the go!” — Chrissy
Nail file and buffer set
File and buff your way to smoother, shinier nails. This set includes a seven-step nail buffer that puts all others to shame. Each step is labeled right on it so you know exactly how to use it.

Promising Amazon review: “I do my own nails every week. I was going to the store to buy nail files but they never lasted me long and wore out quickly. This pack has every kind of nail file or buff you could need. I used the square buffers and my dipped nails feel super smooth. If you are a DIY nail tech like me, or even a professional nail artist, I highly recommend it. I think this pack will last me a few months, and the colorful design means I won't misplace them.” — IF

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