I Regret To Inform You This Elegant Weekender Bag Is Worth It

Simplify packing and take all the hassle out of travel with this luxurious carry-on bag.
Paravel's weekender bag
Paravel's weekender bag

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Despite my affinity for all things luxe, there are certain purchases that really hurt my soul, even if they’re absolute necessities. For some unknown reason, luggage and travel bags seem to fall under this category, meaning I am usually dragging a ratty old bag around the airport while I panic-sweat into a cashmere tracksuit. But after my last trip home spent trying to juggle luggage, carry-ons and my aged dog nearly broke me, I knew it was time to make a change, starting with my duffle.

After eyeing it for months, I finally took a leap of faith and ordered the extremely attractive Paravel weekender bag before a trip last month. I even got a cute little monogram on it. And, dear readers, I regret to inform you that this chic bag is as functional as it is stylish, and worth every single penny of it’s $295-and-up price tag.

The Paravel weekender bag can be monogrammed.
The Paravel weekender bag can be monogrammed.

I was prepared for this bag to look good IRL, but I couldn’t have imagined how versatile and roomy it is while also being incredibly lightweight. It can hold a shocking number of personal belongings. I only brought a carry-on suitcase and this bag for a five-day trip, and was able to fit my laptop, tech organizer, passport, wallet, emotional support water bottle, two pairs of sunglasses, a hardcover book, and my entire toiletries and makeup kit in the bag with ease.

The construction of the bag is as good as it gets. It feels very sturdy and durable, which is a must when you’re making a not-insignificant financial investment and also when it’s a piece that will inevitably get quite knocked about during the travel process. The last thing you want is to pay big bucks for a bag that will come apart at the seams at the slightest sign of stress. It’s made of eco-friendly materials, including a canvas exterior made from upcycled plastic bottles and recycled vegan leather details. All these characteristics band together to make the bag both devastatingly practical and wildly elegant.

The bag has convenient interior pockets, a removable and adjustable shoulder strap and strong top handles, but my favorite functional feature is the straps that slide over the trolley of your luggage. It completely eliminates the hassle of trying to balance a bag on your suitcase (and, in my case, always failing). It was this attribute that had my partner googling the Paravel weekender bag while on the subway to the airport before we had even left the city. She had massive bag FOMO our entire vacation, and promptly ordered her very own the minute we got back to town.

The bag comes in two colors, tan and black. I went with black, but it was a tough call seeing as both options are so refined and sophisticated. You can also add an embroidered or painted monogram or emoji in various colors and styles to customize it further.

Whether you travel often or just on special occasions, having a dedicated weekender is an absolute must. It’s perfect as a carry on and I imagine would work just as well for a long weekend away on it’s own. Click below to pick one up for yourself before your next trip to revel in the delights of a truly wonderful, high-quality weekender bag. It’s an investment you simply won’t regret making.

Promising reviews from tourparavel.com:

“Stunning bag. Purchased the Weekender in domino black as a gift for a world-traveling friend. It’s so beautifully crafted that I have to order one for myself now! She is petite, 5′ barely and this bag is not overwhelming as a carry-on. I thought that the “white” portion of the bag would be a canvas-type material that would show dirt easily, but it’s not. It’s a heavy-duty woven material, not a solid color, more of a tan/grey. It is going to hold up to lots of wear and tear. Can’t wait for my bag to arrive!”

“The perfect size bag for a quick trip and the hand-painted monogram makes it super special and unique!”

“Lovely. This bag is beautiful and well made. Just big enough for a weekend getaway or to carry on the plane. Love the straps for sliding over the handle of my rolling suitcase!!”

“Another happy purchase! The items I get are always on point for my travel needs and the designs are unique yet sophisticated while being casual and practical. I can’t wait to see what else they come up with to compliment my collection.

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