These Old-School Canvas Sneakers Are The Only Ones That Actually Support My Feet

If you’ve been looking for a canvas sneaker that still offers foot support, I can’t recommend grabbing a pair of these classic kicks enough.
PF Flyers center low-top and high-top sneakers.

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You may know them from the 1993 baseball classic “The Sandlot” or the black-and-white TV commercials saying you’ll “run faster and jump higher.” I know them for being a lightweight shoe that’s actually supportive for adult feet. They are PF Flyers, and they may just be my favorite canvas sneakers on the market.

I’ve been frequently wearing them for about two years now and find them to be more supportive and cushion-y than Converse and Keds, especially when spending hours on my feet.


As a middle school super-fan of the band Nirvana, I spent my tween years in the same pair of black high-top Chuck Taylor All Stars. I wore them until the soles started to fall off, and then kept wearing them. My affinity for those ratty Converse planted the seed for my deep love of canvas and rubber sneakers. Decades after middle school, I still find this style to be retro and playful without looking sloppy. While I still love Converse, I find them to be a little too flat for long-term wear. When traveling, running back-to-back errands or walking miles in the city, I reach for my high-top PF Flyers, knowing they’ll give me ample foot support.

Created in 1937 with the brand’s signature “Posture Foundation” (PF), the shoes were made with a wedge insert in the sole, intended to give athletes cushion and support when wearing them during sporting events. Today, their textured duck canvas kicks still have this wedge comfort insert and a rounded toe box with eye-catching vertical ridges that reviewers say give them welcome room to wiggle. And the size chart offers guidance for both men’s and women’s sizing, making them a good fit for everyone.

They’re breathable and lightweight while still being really steady on the foot and they pack well in a bag or suitcase. If you’ve been looking for an elevated canvas sneaker that still gives you foot support or love to incorporate vintages touches into your current wardrobe, I can’t recommend grabbing a pair of these old school kicks enough.

“First off let me say this, the fit, comfort, and support are unmatched. This was my chosen footwear for music festivals and I can stand all day and not feel like my shoes were the cause of discomfort. Besides, who doesn’t love to run faster and jump higher?” — Aaron Bentley

“Best shoes on the market. That’s not a literal headline, but a personal one. I will be wearing them for the rest of life. So comfy and good to my feet. Easy to walk on all day long. And they look so classic and good. I fetch compliments with these all the time. “ARE THOSE CONVERSE?” ...No no no honey, these are PF Flyers... “Ah okay I was gonna say they just looked cooler for some reason”... This interaction happens all the time. Either that or I get paid my respects for knowing what PF Flyers are. If you’re a converse fan, come join the other side.” — Lauren O.M.

More comfortable than converse due to the arch support and cushion insole. Color was true to picture. Great looking good quality shoe especially for the low price.” — JB

“I really like the retro look and they are comfortable. Wore them all day and no issues. Great shoes.” — No Way Jose

“The shoes are perfect and very comfortable. They are more comfortable than the chuck taylors that i normally wear.” — Thyrone Harris

“I’m an Emergency Room Nurse - I work six 12 hour shifts in a row. I work every shift in my PF Flyers Center High (Kelly Green). I get tons of compliments on them, but I wear them because they are comfortable and secure when I’m running around the department. Unlike Chucks, they have a comfort insole that supports my feet. Canvas is washable in the event I get some fluid spilled on them. They are great shoes.” — E. M. Hunt

“Hard to believe buts these shoes are far more comfortable than Converse! I actually like to sole, toe, the material AND the insole is nicely padded and shaped to our arch of our feet! Love these shoes!” — Kittie

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