Pink Reacts To Fan Throwing Dead Mother's Ashes On Stage During Concert

The three-time Grammy winner handled the ghastly stunt like a pro.

Pink appeared to be at a loss for words over the weekend after she received a startlingly grim offering from a fan.

The three-time Grammy winner was performing in London’s Hyde Park on Saturday when a concertgoer tossed a plastic bag containing what they purported to be the cremated remains of their dead mother onto the stage.

A short video from Pink’s concert shows the pop star looking hesitant as she retrieves the bag.

“This is your mom?” she asks the audience member. “I don’t know how I feel about this.”

Ever the professional, Pink moves the ashes to the side of the stage, and then resumes performing her 2001 hit, “Just Like a Pill.”

As Rolling Stone and other outlets pointed out, the stunt is indicative of what’s been described as a recent spike in questionable ― and, in some cases, dangerous ― behavior at live concerts worldwide.

Last week, singer Ava Max was slapped in the face by an aggressive fan who rushed the stage during her performance in Los Angeles. The man, who has not been identified in the media, was quickly hauled away by security.

And earlier this month, singer Bebe Rexha needed stitches and was left with a black eye after being struck in the head by a cellphone thrown from the audience at a concert in New York. Nicolas Malvagna, the alleged culprit, has been charged with assault and harassment.

Pink’s London concert also drew fans eager to celebrate with their loved ones in less cringe-inducing ways. On Monday, the singer shared a video that showed a mother dancing with her young son, who has cerebral palsy and had been told he “would never walk,” at the show.

“I could Not love this more,” Pink wrote on Twitter. “Thank you for sharing this with me.”

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