Good Housewarming Gifts That People Will Actually Use

Welcome your friends and family into their new home with thoughtful hand-painted portraits, practical kitchen items and must-have cleaning supplies.
Give a housewarming gift that's both practical and thoughtful: this highly rated cross-cut paper shredder, a universal cleaning agent that literally does it all or a sweet handwoven picnic basket with all the fixings for a celebratory meal.
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Give a housewarming gift that's both practical and thoughtful: this highly rated cross-cut paper shredder, a universal cleaning agent that literally does it all or a sweet handwoven picnic basket with all the fixings for a celebratory meal.

Whether someone you know is moving into an apartment for the first time or taking the big step into home ownership, thoughtful and practical housewarming gifts are always a good idea.

The following list was compiled with the help of members from the HuffPost Women, Queer Voices and Parents Facebook pages, who shared recommendations via email or posting on Facebook. Below are gifts they either received or gave housewarming gifts that left a lasting impression, even to this day. Plus, we added a few items we thought would be great, too.

Find symbolic gifts with deep traditional meanings, practical items that will be sure to be used a lot and sentimental presents that will be remembered for years to come.

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A bestselling cross-cut paper and credit card shredder
“[One] housewarming gift that plays a regular part in our lives all these years later is a good cross-cut document shredder. Once you have a house, the amount of mail that comes with identity theft risks increases greatly! Love being able to zip those documents through the shredder every week.” – Reg Morgan

This cross-cut paper and credit card shredder has over 128,300 five-star ratings on Amazon and has both an auto start and thermal protection to prevent overheating while operating. There's even a manual reverse feature to reverse paper jams. It shreds everything from stapled documents, credit cards and bills.
A custom hand-painted portrait of someone’s new home
“The best housewarming gift I give when someone buys a house: a custom water-color painting of their home from Etsy. It's something they usually choose to get framed especially if it's their first home.” — Sam McCandless

“My cousin had an artist paint a picture of our new house, and framed it, and it is prominently on display in our living room. It was incredibly thoughtful and wonderful and we love it!” — Lefty Keans

Hand painted with watercolors on 100% premium cotton paper, this customized home portrait can come with a personalized message at the bottom and typically only takes the artist up to three weeks to complete. Choose your size, up to 18x24 inches, as well as matting or framing options.
A luxurious pair of cooling organic bamboo sheets
Give the gift of cooling and luxurious sleep. These silky hypoallergenic and antibacterial silk alternative sheets are made using 100% premium lyocell fibers from eucalyptus. This sustainably processed material is three times more breathable than cotton and has moisture-wicking abilities to help keep the body cool while also being great for sensitive or acne-prone skin. Eucalypso's sheets are available in five sizes and seven colors including rust, spring green and light gray.
A set of durable outdoor speakers for backyard parties and more
According to Amanda Wuelfing, a set of outdoor speakers makes a great housewarming gift. The Polk Audio Atrium speakers come with four mountable and high fidelity speakers that use a unique mineral-filled polymer center cone to create a better and more widely dispersed sound in an open area. These weather-resistant speakers can also cut through background noise, making them ideal for outdoor parties or backyard movie nights.
A handwoven wicker basket with all the fixings for a celebratory dinner
“The day we moved into our first rented apartment [our neighbor] left us a basket containing a hand-made tablecloth (which I still have), plates, flatware, napkins, candles, and a roast chicken dinner with all the fixings for a celebratory meal for our first night in our new apartment. That was over 20 years ago, and sadly I've lost touch with [her] since she moved back to Canada. But I will never forget how meaningful that gift was, as long as I live.” – Rebecca Bell

Although a roast chicken dinner isn't included with this handwoven wicker basket, all of the dinner essentials are. It's fully equipped with leather strap details, table settings for two and a waterproof-backed picnic blanket. The built-in waterproof insulation layer is ideal for keeping hot things hot and cold things cold.
An essentials toolbox set for around-the-house maintenance
“My coworkers threw a little desk 'shower' for my new home, and their gifts were every practical thing you could imagine, including a filled toolbox, cleaning supplies and lightbulbs. Invaluable as I set up my new house!” — Sarah Tuckman

Everyone needs a solid toolbox, and this 168-piece set is a comprehensive assortment of professional grade tools from precision screwdrivers to metric-sized sockets and tooth ratchets. Each tool is also treated with anti-corrosion protection for a lasting and durable performance.
An all-purpose household cleaning paste that lifts stains, fights grime and more
With over 78,500 five-star ratings on Amazon, this impressive pink paste is a bestselling household cleaner and a homeowner's new best friend. The Pink Stuff uses natural ingredients to buff away stains on everything from walls to tile, porcelain, barbecues, glass and sauce pans. It can even get rid of rust.
A 24-pack of long-lasting energy-efficient light bulbs
Sarah Tuckman's previously mentioned housewarming gift box included lightbulbs, which are always handy to have around the house. This pack contains 24 energy-efficient 60-watt light bulbs that have a lifespan of seven years each. Hue options range from bright daylight to soft, warmer light.
A baby lemon tree that symbolizes good health, prosperity and longevity
“I received a lemon tree. So thoughtful!” – Sarah McClimon

This four-foot lemon starter tree is easy to care for and supplies delightfully sweet and juicy Meyer lemons all year round. Because this prolific tree is fully rooted, they can see blooms and fruits virtually right away. It does well inside and outside and can easily be transferred to the ground at any point.
A multi-generational gift with traditional meaning
“There is a multi-generational tradition in my family to give a small meaningful vessel holding salt (for tears), pepper (for spice), sugar (for sweetness), a candle (for light), a penny (for wealth) and anything else you might want to add. When gifting, we say ‘Keep it in your spice cabinet for luck and love in your new home.’ I've had the one my mom gave to me for my first apartment 30-plus years ago and I often gift a version of it to my loved ones on their first home.” — Ron Pomerantez

These hand-poured candles (left) are made with soy wax and feature dried flowers as well as a cedar wick that gives off a pleasant crackling sound as it burns. You can choose between lavender, coconut and cherry blossom fragrances.

The charming handmade salt cellar is crafted with marble and is a great way to house gourmet salts or spices on the countertop. It's accompanied by a hand-carved teak spoon for serving, and both can be hand-washed.
A custom return address stamp to make addressing envelopes a breeze
“I like to give a return address stamp with the new address.” – Jessica Levin Martin

This simple and effective gift will be put to good use when your friend sends out all their thank-you cards. You can choose to fully customize this pre-filled self-inking stamp in a number of different fonts and colors.
A handcrafted copper wind chime by an artisan in Canada
“[Another housewarming gift] was a wind chime. It hangs on our back porch. We love it because it's small, makes small sounds and is very pleasant.” — Reg Morgan

This completely handcrafted wind chime is made with solid hammered copper that won't rust or flake in the elements or in difficult climates. A beach stone clapper hangs in the center of the chime to make sweet and relaxing sounds against the copper.
A low-maintenance house plant to add some green to a new space
“I always give house plants as housewarming gifts.” — Olly Pallatina Gardiner

With striking oval green leaves that boast a chartreuse herringbone pattern, this neon prayer plant comes pre-potted and gets its name because it actually folds its leaves closed at night, like hands folded in prayer. This vibrant plant benefits most from lower indirect sunlight and humid conditions, similar to what they would experience on the rainforest floor. This plant is also non-toxic to pets so you don’t have to worry about accidentally poisoning Mr. Whiskers.
A multipurpose hot and cold cooking blender
Blenders are rarely something people invest in for themselves, however, they are a useful appliance to have, and this one by Instant Pot does it all. Your giftee can blend smoothies and frozen treats, make their own nut milk or smoothly puree sauces and hot soups with this powerful hot and cold blender that can cook as it mixes. Just think, they can make creamy tomato soup without having to turn on the stove! The glass pitcher is long lasting, crack-proof and resistant to temperature changes while a smart cleaning feature makes blade and pitcher cleaning safe and easy.

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