24 Practical Things Your Parents Totally Want You To Buy

A duvet cover tool, reusable bamboo towels and more practical items that parents swear by.

Living on your own for the first time is exciting, and it’s great to have guests stop by, including your parents. Before they visit, you may want to stock up on a few essentials that’ll help you fix squeaky doors, clean up messes and make your bed. From cordless vacuums to duvet cover tools, here are some products that’ll earn a seal of approval from your parents.

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A duvet cover-changing accessory
Make your bed with ease thanks to this small tool that'll come in especially handy if your duvet cover tends to bunch up.

Promising review: "Honestly, having to change (wrestle) the duvet cover onto the duvet is the reason I don't change the sheets more often. Gross, I know. I feel like I have to actually schedule the time to get this task done, especially with a king-size mattress. However, ever since I discovered the Duvaid: fresh duvet covers on the reg. It's like having an extra set of hands. Tuck the grips under the mattress, insert the corner of the covered duvet into the clamps and then just pull the cover over the rest of the comforter. It's not magic, you still have to make the bed but it's just so much easier now!" — John Mihaly

Get it from Amazon for $29.99.
A pack of silicone trivet mats
They're safe for the oven, freezer, microwave and dishwasher, and they'll protect your kitchen countertops from heat damage.

Promising review: "Great trivets. I have been looking for something like these for quite some time. Perfect sizes and shapes. I have found many uses for these items. Great potholders and jar opener. Fast shipping and reasonably priced. I liked them so much, that I ordered a few more sets for gifts." — Mr. Lee

Get it from Amazon for $12.97 (available in 17 colors).
A Shark cordless hard floor vacuum/mop
This mop and vacuum in one will suck up debris like crumbs, dirt and pet hair and spray and wipe all your floors with a disposable pad. Yes to getting your space squeaky clean!

Promising review: "More time spent indoors means dirt, dust and general messes tend to pile up quicker (or at the very least, I'm noticing that a lot more). With a toddler, a dog and three adults in an apartment, I needed a more efficient way to vacuum and mop my very messy hardwood floors that was relatively quick and painless. So I picked up this Shark "Mopvac" and boy did it get the job done. And it's actually pretty fun to hit the spray button, see those lights turn on and then glimpse the clean floor this Shark leaves in its wake." — John Mihaly

Get it from Amazon for $88.
A USB power strip
Charge multiple devices at once without taking up precious outlet space. It also has a fire-retardant casing and overload protection.

Promising review: "So I bought this because we have an extension cord by our couch full of chargers. Sometimes I want to plug in my laptop there and watch TV while I do some work but have to sacrifice charging something else to charge it. Bought this to fix that problem. I can plug in my phone, my boyfriend's phone and my iPad or whatever and have three extra outlets and it looks clean and not like a mess. I also mounted it under the coffee table so it’s not an eyesore on the floor. It’s hidden away. I love that. Also, can we talk about how fast it charges things? My phone charges in half the time. If I need to charge my phone before leaving and I’m in a rush, I plug it into this and I’m usually pretty set. Great purchase. I’m glad I found it." — Sarah K. Jenkins

Get it from Amazon for $15.19+ (available in three sizes and two colors).
A Brita Ultra Max filtering dispenser
It holds and filters up to 18 cups of tap water at a time, so you can stay hydrated and not waste money on plastic water bottles.

Promising review: "I love this product. I don't know why people complain about it being too tall; it's as tall as a standard jug of milk. It does get kind of heavy, but the handles on the side are fine. The water is fresh and crisp just like a normal Brita filter. Our last one cracked after many years so we upgraded to this. Highly recommend." — SirFrankoman

Get it from Amazon for $31.88 (available in two colors).
A roll-up dish drying rack
If you have a small kitchen, this compact drying rack will be great for wet cups, plates and utensils. And when you're not using it, just fold it up and put it away!

Promising review: "It fits perfectly over the sink. It takes up only half or less of the open space and it drains into the sink. Can be rolled up and put away easily. I use it every day. It stays in place and can be used for drying dishes or fruit and veggies just washed." — CKnaplesdenver

Get it from Amazon for $11+ (available in five sizes).
A Simplehuman step trash can
Taking out the trash is annoying, but you can make it a little less stressful with this stainless steel gem. It has a stay-open/silent-close lid that'll keep garbage and recyclables separated.

Promising review: "Never paid this much for a garbage can but have no regrets. Works perfectly for my household. I live alone and most of my trash gets recycled so I use the larger bin for recycling and the small bin for garbage. Item arrived in perfect condition. Have had for several months now, no issues to date. Love being able to open the lid hands free; soft-close feature is a wonderful bonus." — Grandmalice

Get it from Amazon for $149.99.
A pack of furniture sliders
Moving furniture will be a breeze, because you'll only have to slide these under your coffee table or couch and glide them across the floor (no heavy lifting required!).

Promising review: "Should have gotten these years ago. They are absolutely wonderful. I can move heavy furniture easily without damaging hardwood floors or getting stuck in area rugs. Because the legs of my furniture are thick and cover them almost completely, I keep them under everything and can move furniture to vacuum. Really great!" — MMLELL

Get a 16-pack from Amazon for $11.89.
A container of WD-40
Squeaky ladders and rusty screws will be the least of your problems with this multi-use lubricant that's so handy for maintenance jobs.

Promising review: "Always used WD-40 and it's clearly superior in the field, but what makes it even better is when the introduces the dual-use head. Where you can spray it out of the normal sprayer, or lift the arm up to use that. They've gone a step further and made that arm flexible. The best part about this new arm is while flexible, it holds the shape you bend it to well and can easily be straightened out when done." — JT Thompson

Get a two-pack from Amazon for $17.76.
A set of 100% Turkish linen bath towels
You'll be prepared if you have to host guests at the last minute. Plus, you'll dry off quicker after taking showers.

Promising review: "I’ve used and washed them several times now and they are still soft, fluffy and absorbent. I soaked them in cold water for about six hours before washing them the first time. I’ve seen a couple of reviews that said the towels left fuzz all over them when they dried off. I have not experienced that at all." — Juli B.

Get it from Amazon for $44.99 (available in 11 colors).
And hilarious kitchen towels
Dry off your veggies and add a little humor to your kitchen with these fun absorbent towels.

Do Take It Personally is small business based in Trosky, Minnesota that sells personalized coffee mugs and pun-adorned kitchen towels.

Promising review: "Bought it as a birthday gift and the recipient absolutely loved it! Blown away by the quick and efficient service. Quality is great, everything is as pictured. The cute tags are a hidden bonus." — Alena

Get it from Do Take It Personally on Etsy for $11.95+.

Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.
A Blueair Blue Pure 411+ air purifier
It filters allergens, mold spores, pet dander, smoke and more pesky airborne pollutants in your living space.

Promising review: "Bought this because my boyfriend has terrible seasonal and pet allergies so being at my home (where I leave my windows open and I have two huskies) was like a circle of hell for him. This helped significantly! There are three settings on it (three levels of intensity?). Really great product. Best for smaller rooms." — MFajardo

Get it from Amazon for $119.99+ (three options available).
A set of steel-wire utility clips
If your favorite snacks are always going stale, use one of these handy clips to keep bags sealed shut.

Promising review: "These clips are sturdy, dishwasher-safe and can be used for just about anything. They keep my cereal and chip bags closed tightly, can clip several items together on my desk and look great when hanging student work in my classroom." — TwistedChick

Get a 30-pack from Amazon for $7.83.
A pair of lightweight LED lanterns
With up to 30 hours of light and a compact design, you'll be prepared for unexpected power outages and weekend camping trips.

Promising review: "In early January of this year, I was on holiday in Puerto Rico and early in the morning of our last full day there, my wife and I were awoken to a magnitude 6.4 earthquake. The power went out immediately but luckily our Airbnb host stocked the house with these powerful (and collapsable) lanterns. Who knows what we would have done without them but they were a lifesaver for getting through one last, very dark night before returning home. This is a reminder to purchase a few for my home. Plus they're kind of fun to play with because they look and feel like props from a sci-fi film." — John Mihaly

Get a two-pack from Amazon for $12.74.
A bottle of Goo Gone adhesive remover
Remove sticky glitter, gum, labels and tar without leaving a gooey mess on your furniture.

Promising review: "Easily removes sticker residue. The only thing I would recommend is don't remove the silver foil at the mouth of the bottle, instead pierce the foil with a pin and then use it as a squirty bottle. This will be much easier to manage the flow of the liquid as you only need a very small amount." — Joe90

Get it from Amazon for $7.15.
A Wi-Fi-connected smart plug
Save on your monthly electric bill by scheduling devices to automatically turn on or shut off. It's also compatible with Alexa!

Promising review: "I bought some other smart plugs last year and tried to use them for turning on lamps in my kids' rooms, but they were never very reliable, so they only worked sometimes. It was frustrating and I eventually just unplugged them. When I saw these by Amazon, I tried them and the setup was super easy and I haven't had any issues with them not working! Since this was already synced to my account, setup was as easy as plugging it in and pressing the on button on the side of the plug. It connected instantly with my Wi-Fi network and all I had to do was rename the plug in my Alexa app. I would definitely recommend these over any off-brand if you're looking to use them with Alexa." — Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $24.99.
A memory foam bath mat
Take a shower and safely step out without sliding, thanks to this non-slip, machine-washable bath mat that'll feel so soft on your feet.

Promising review: "I love how my feet just sink into this mat. It almost feels like its air-filled when it goes down, and it pops up again like new. It's durable and can stand lots of moisture, especially if used next to shower/tub. The bottom has some kind of slip-proof material to help keep it in place so that you don't slip when trying to get out of the shower." — Jessica C.

Get it from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in eight sizes and in 21 colors).
An inflatable air bed
Inflate it in less than five minutes and make sleep accommodations comfy for guests. Don't forget an extra set of sheets!

Promising review: "Easy to unroll, inflates quickly and is very comfortable. Queen sheets fit nicely and stay on all night. Deflates easily and rolls up without too much trouble and with practice you can even get it into the storage bag that comes with it. Helps if you were a Girl Scout and you camped a lot. Good practice rolling up all those tents. It is a wee bit on the heavy side, but it's well-constructed and will withstand your 17-year-old daughter when she takes a flying leap at it from the door." — R. M. Talleur

Get it from Amazon for $74.99+ (available in three sizes and three elevations).
A roll of reusable bamboo towels
Paper towels are costly to the planet and your wallet, but these reusable towels are a good alternative. They're made with heavy-duty bamboo and are washable between cleanups.

Promising review: "You don't realize how many paper towels you go through in a day until you run out of them (and can't easily restock your supply). Using these bamboo towels (which were recommended by a coworker) changed the way I approached cleaning up household messes. These were great for taking care of the kitchen countertop throughout the day (especially while trying to feed a toddler). Didn't quite make it to the six-month mark on one roll, but that's certainly a goal!" — John Mihaly

Get it from Amazon for $7.99+ (also available in packs of two and four).
A pack of Command small wire hooks
Securely hang up baseball caps, jackets and more wardrobe essentials without damaging your walls.

Promising review: "I love these hooks. I have them in our closets (for hats, scarves and light jackets) and in our kitchen (for measuring cups and spoons). I love how easy they are to put up and take down. If you make a mistake and put it in the wrong spot, no problem! Just take it off and use one of the extra adhesives to put it on the right spot." — A. Tran

Get a 28-pack from Amazon for $19.98.
A Black + Decker four-slice toaster oven
Bake, broil and toast food with this easy-to-use appliance that'll help you cook like a pro in the kitchen.

Promising review: "I love my toaster oven. It has a sleek stainless-steel design that goes perfectly with the decor I have in my apartment. The variety of settings makes it even better. This is why I chose to invest in a toaster oven instead of just a toaster. You can do so much with it. I use it for toast/bagels, proteins (fish, chicken etc.) and vegetables. It's also useful because I can avoid turning on the bigger oven which has a bigger impact on the power bill." — Claudi Padilla

Get it from Amazon for $44.89.
A rolling metal storage organizer
Declutter any spot at home with this rolling organizer that has three shelves and looks really cool in a corner.

Promising review: "This nice cart was a breeze to put together, is sturdy and has a very nice coat of paint. I don't have drawers in my bathroom sink cabinet. It worked out perfectly to put everything that was on my bathroom counter into the cart, and hair dryers and brushes in the second bin. I just roll it into the bathroom closet and roll it out when I need it. No more counter clutter." — Zinnia

Get it from Amazon for $39.99+ (available in four colors).
A non-slip indoor/outdoor mat
If your front door is prone to a lot of foot traffic, this mat will be so helpful for wiping down shoes and minimizing mud tracks.

Promising review: "The design and colors are perfect for my kitchen. I have one in front of the patio door to keep my dog and cat from tracking dirty wet paw marks across my wood floor. After searching around on Amazon, I had ordered one that did not work at all as it stated in the description. Then I saw this rug and had my doubts, but its keeping my floors clean from dirt, debris and wet paw marks. Hooray!" — Rhonda

Get it from Amazon for $17.99+ (available in five sizes and in two colors).
A Brother P-Touch label maker
Sorting through boxes isn't fun, but this gadget can help you print labels for each of them. You'll be glad you didn't have to search hours for important documents!

Promising review: "It’s great! Did everything I wanted it to do and more. For the other reviewers who are complaining it wastes tape obviously didn’t read the directions. To fix the 'problem' they are having you just have to change the margins, which are full, half or narrow. I attached a picture with the difference between full margins and narrow. It’s all pretty simple and I can’t wait to label everything!" — SaRee Voth

Get it from Amazon for $34.99.

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