Reusable Cleaning Tools From Etsy That Are So Much Better Than The Disposable Versions

Not only are these options more sustainable, but they can save you money in the long run.

Whether you’re passionate about the planet or just hate spending money on one-use cleaning supplies, you may be interested in switching over to some reusable items to keep your home tidy.

To help you make some reusable swaps, we found some genius, highly-rated sustainable home cleaning items from Etsy. They’re smart, useful products that are designed for longevity and can easily replace one-time cleaning supplies.

Best of all, everything included is easy to use and recommended by previous buyers as a low-effort and straightforward way to use a little less plastic while keeping your home sparkling clean.

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Keyaiira on Etsy
A pair of naturally antimicrobial wool sponges
A gentle but still powerful scrubber, these sponges are made from 100% wool. As wool is naturally antimicrobial and antifungal, these won't get funky or dingy after use and can be cleaned via dishwasher or just by being laid out in the sun.

Promising review: "These wool washing cloths work quite well and I am happy with them" — Robert
RenderGoods on Etsy
A two-pack of geometric Swedish dishcloths
Crafted from a blend of biodegradable cellulose and natural cotton fibers, these high-quality Swedish dishcloths are another sustainable swap for paper towels or plastic sponges. Use them in the kitchen to clean dishes and pots and to wipe down tables and counters and in the rest of the house on mirrors, furniture, window sills or anywhere else that gets messy or dirty.

Promising review: "Works well for me. Very practical and useful tool" — Amy Watson
InkandFiberShop on Etsy
Or a pair of dishcloths with a charming fruit print
Bring a little color into your home with this pair of fruit-printed Swedish dishcloths. Also made from cellulose and cotton, they're super absorbant, work all over your house and can go in the washing machine to clean.

Promising review: "Very well made and high quality fabric. I will be purchasing from this vendor again!" — Deborah Mortimer
marleysmonsters on Etsy
A double-sided cotton chenille cleaning cloth
With one fluffy side and one textured side, this 100% cotton chenille cleaning cloth nearly does it all. Use it for dusting, cleaning your kitchen or bathroom or as a mop head attachment on your Swiffer.

Promising review: "The perfect cleaning/wiping cloth. Super soft, so does not leave marks or scratches." — morgane
HammerThreadHandmade on Etsy
This set of seven chic linen paperless towels
For a little farmhouse chic, this set of three-ply linen towels works well on spills and messes and look great in your home. They're quick-drying, durable, can be used wet or dry and even work as wash clothes for your hands and face.

Promising review: "Love these! Perfect to have around the house for spills, cleaning, even decorating." — Heather Wheeler
SagedHome on Etsy
A set of reusable wipes, for ever-lasting disinfecting
If you love a Clorox wipe, you may wonder if it's even possible to make a sustainable version. Well, the geniuses at Saged Home came up with this clever set of 18 reusable cloth wipes that come in a jar, ready to be mixed in your own cleaning solution. Simply remove the dry wipes from the jar, follow the ratio mixing vinegar, distilled water, essential oils and alcohol, put the wipes back in the jar, give it a shake and you'll have a set of reusable cleaning wipes that you can pull out one by one.

Promising review: "I LOVE this jar and the cloths!! The recipe is easy-peasy, and I’m finally phasing out disposables. Woohoo!" — Carol Caputo
PNWBusyBobbin on Etsy
A reusable mop pad for your Swiffer that you can throw in the wash
Compatible with a Swiffer wet and dry mop, these reusable mop pads work wet and dry. They snap around your mop head to trap in dust and dirt and can be thrown in the washing machine to clean them.

Promising review: "Loved loved these. They fit perfect and really clean the floor! You have to try these." — virginia l moniak
TSDesignsUS on Etsy
Or this dry pad for pet hair and dust
Reversible, washable and reusable — these dry mop pads will get dust and pet hair from all over your house. They have velcro straps that attach around the head of your Swiffer or other rectangle mop and can go in the washing machine when you're done.

Promising review: "Holds more dust and dog hair than the "real" Swiffer pads and it's washable and reusable, too!" — Freda Terrell-Tait
StacyKitchenDecor on Etsy
A set of reusable "paper" towels that clip on to each other
Sure, there's nothing revolutionary about a dish rag. Yet, these cotton, 10-inch rags snap onto each other, giving the familiarity and ease of a roll of paper towels. One side is an absorbent white terrycloth and the other is a 100% durable cotton that comes in many fun patterns. They're machine washable, allowing you to re-use them for many spills and messes to come.

Promising review: "Cute design, lots of faux paper towels, and I like how they clip together to become a roll. Also, the seller was really communicative and helpful!" — Monica Allen
marleysmonsters on Etsy
A mildew-resistant washable fabric sponge
If you hate smelly sponges but you also hate needing to buy new sponges all the time, this reusable cloth version may be your answer. It has a terrycloth side as well as a side covered in polyester mesh, to help you get even the toughest stuck-on food. It's one inch thick, mildew resistant and can go in the washing machine when it's getting funky.

Promising review: "Beautifully crafted sponges! I have always used sponges for dishes (growing up my parents just used rags), trying to move in a more reduce/reuse direction I was excited to have found these. I love them, they are beautiful prints, clean the dishes well and I think its great that all I have to do is toss them into the dishwasher for cleaning.. seriously how easy is that?! Cannot wait to get more and other products!" — Helen
TSDesignsUS on Etsy
A reusable duster head
Never worry about buying new heads for your two-prong duster again with this fleece fabric reusable option. It will help you get dust from shelves and sills and can go in the wash when you're done.

Promising review: "I love these! They collect more dust than the disposable kind and I love that I can wash them and use them again." — Leslie Woods
PlantishFuture on Etsy
A plastic-free dish brush with a replaceable head
Another easy swap to lessen your plastic use is changing over to a bamboo dish brush. This option has a replaceable head, letting you continue to use the handle again and again.

Promising review: "We really enjoy using the bar soap and scrub brush. It has made the transition from plastic-based kitchen tools to more sustainable materials like wood and metal very smooth and enjoyable" — Lauren Moore
WildElixirsSkinFood on Etsy
A block of dish soap
While it’s not "reusable," it will help you use less — swapping over to a block of dish soap lets you hand wash your dishes without needing to frequently buy plastic bottles of soap. You can use this with your bamboo dish brush to hand wash your plates and cups.

Promising review: "I’ve tried many bar dish soaps and have stopped using them because they’ve left a film or left dishes greasy instead of clean. I’m so happy I tried this because it works beautifully and even my glassware comes out looking and feeling spotless with no smudges or streaks. I’m very impressed and recommend this dish soap." — Fredricka Chambers
DetoxEarth on Etsy
A chic squeeze bottle for DIY home cleaning solutions
Another easy way to ditch once-use plastic (and to save some money) is to make your own all-purpose cleaners and put them in a nice-looking squeeze bottle. This amber glass bottle comes with a silicone bottom that will look good even if you forget to put it away.

Promising review: "Beautiful spray bottle that makes my cleaning supplies feel more elegant. Love the sage colored rubber part. Exactly as pictured. Great product." — Rebecca

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