Clip Shows Steph Curry Taking 5 Full-Court Shots — But Did He Really Make Them?

The two-time MVP fired off unreal 3-point shots in a clip shared by Sports Illustrated.

A viral video of two-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry shows the Golden State Warriors superstar sinking multiple full-court shots in a display his team later revealed was fake.

The clip, shot by director Ari Fararooy and shared by Sports Illustrated on Sunday, depicts the four-time NBA champion making humongous 3-point shots at a Warriors’ practice facility. Curry, in street clothes, triumphantly exits the gym in glee following the last shot.

Twitter users pointed out the “unreal” nature of the clip. Some said they couldn’t even make such shots in the video game “NBA 2K.”

The clip, seemingly a tribute to Curry’s stellar ability, is reportedly more fiction than fact.

Janie McCauley, The Associated Press’ Warriors reporter, tweeted that the team confirmed that the clip was not real.

“Looked amazing and fun, for sure,” wrote McCauley, who pointed to a previous article about Curry making 105 straight 3-pointers in 2020.

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