These Are The Foolproof Stocking Stuffers That Millennials Will Love

They're nice little things someone may not buy for themselves, but will be super excited to get.
Yeti koozie, Everyday Oil, heatless curls, Bombas socks and Lashin tool

The millennials in your life may be pushing 40, but let’s be clear: No one is ever too old for a stocking. From a heatless curl set that’s all over TikTok to a pair of cashmere blend socks, we rounded up the stocking stuffers millennials actually want this year.

While some items on our list are able to fit in a large sock and others simply have the vibe of a stocking stuffer, they’re all versatile, fun things under $40. We rounded up a selection of smaller and thoughtful gifts that aren’t purely practical but also aren’t over-indulgent.

Nothing is size-dependent or will be overly dominating in a home (i.e. no blazers or leg lamps from “A Christmas Story” here). Think of them as nice little things someone may not buy for themselves, but will be super excited to get this winter.

These also all make great self-presents, if you need to fill out your own stocking.

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Sol de Janeiro's Cheirosa '62 body spray
Your millennial likely already has (and loves) the viral Sol de Janeiro Brazilian bum bum cream, thank though if they don't, that's a great option too. However, if you really want to wow them (and keep them up with their Gen Z counterparts), this Sol de Janeiro Cheirosa '62 body spray has the same beloved beachy scent in a fun orange bottle. It's just starting to take over TikTok, and your millennial will be happy to be in on the new trend.
A Kasa smart plug
Another millennial move: leaving the house and feeling stressed that you left your hair straightener on. This Kasa smart plug turns outlets into smart sockets that they can control via app or voice and set on shut-off timers.
The Kitsch heatless curling set
You can't go on TikTok without seeing someone doing their overnight heatless curl routine. The Kitsch set is a classic that will be loved by those who labor over beauty routines and people who get ready in five minutes alike.
A super-affordable pair of earrings that someone might mistake for Bottega Veneta
Few earring pairs are more versatile than this $11 version of a viral runway style. They're a little different than a chunky hoop but still offer an easy and sleek addition to any outfit. A giftee who lives in expensive leggings or someone on your list with a gender-neutral fashion blog will easily style them into their wardrobes.
A real-deal gua sha tool
The traditional Chinese medicine practice of using a gua sha tool has become incredibly popular across TikTok. Because it goes across their face, you want to make sure you're gifting someone a high-quality stone crafted by someone who knows the practice well. We love the rose quartz gua sha tool from Lanshin, designed by longtime acupuncturist and TCM practitioner Sandra Lanshin Chiu. It can be used in tandem with the helpful video tutorials that Lanshin’s website is full of.
A water bottle cleaning kit
Let's be clear: Your millennial does not need a new reusable water bottle, coffee tumbler or 40-ounce cup this winter. (They probably already have too many.) They may however, need this handy cleaning set that can help them keep every lid, reusable straw and metal thermos sparking clean.
A pair of twisted candle sticks
Sculptural candles are in, in, in. We love this pair of twisted candlesticks that could fit into a stocking but also just make for a thoughtful treat that doesn't break the bank.
A rechargeable electric lighter
And for those candles, be sure to add this affordable rechargeable lighter, loved by our senior shopping writer Lourdes Avila Uribe and so many HuffPost readers. It's almost seven inches long, so it can reach into burned-down candles with ease. It lasts for weeks between charges, even if they use it every day, and can simply be recharged via USB-C when it's time.
A set of spoolies
Next to middle-parted hair, a laminated eyebrow is a true marking of a millennial. If you've got a thick-brow-lover in your life, they'll be happy to get a bunch of new spoolies to always ensure their brows are looking good.
A set of waterproof ear buds
Even if your millennial has an expensive set of wireless Bluetooth earbuds, these handy, budget-friendly and waterproof babies are a solid stocking stuffer. (I can attest, as I've bought them for myself.) Because they're under $25, they're perfect to take camping, hiking, or to the gym or anywhere else they may get lost or stolen or wet. They can even wear them in the shower, and they keep a charge for 40 hours. (I wear mine to pottery class after I touched my AirPods with soaking-wet hands once and had a brief panic attack.)
A portable iPhone charger
Perhaps the perfect stocking stuffer for all ages, this coveted portable charger is about the size of a tube of lipstick and can give your phone a full charge. It's a favorite among HuffPosters and will be welcome addition to any giftee’s stocking.
A Manduka yoga towel
While a splurgeworthy mat might not count as a stocking stuffer, the yogi, pilates enthusiast or general gym rat on your list will probably be happy to get this workout accessory from Manduka. It's a quick-drying, toothsome microfiber mini towel that rolls up easily to take on the go and promises to quickly absorb sweat during workouts.
A pair of cashmere-blend Bombas socks
You can never go wrong gifting someone a quality pair of socks. These cashmere-blend socks from Bombas are super cozy on the foot while still being light and airy. They're totally indulgent and a perfect present for a loved one.
Mighty Patch pimple patches
Breakouts happen at any age, so your millennial will love to get some beloved Mighty Patches in their stocking. They absorb the fluid in zits and promise to deliver improvement in 6-8 hours. They're transparent, too, so they can even wear them when they're out doing errands as well as while they sleep.
An acupressure mat
Self-care is the name of the millennial game. If they can't make it to an actual acupuncture appointment, this acupressure mat may be the next best thing (they should talk to their doctor before using acupressure products to address muscle tension).
Cosrx Snail Mucin essence
If you have skin-care lovers or serious Tik-Tok users in your life, they probably already know about (and love) the Cosrx Snail Mucin essence, which works to give nourishment and glow to even the dryest skin. Still, they'll be over the moon to get a fresh bottle for the holidays to keep the glow going.
Kur nail concealer
When we learned about Londontown’s Kur illuminating nail concealer, we couldn't wait to tell everyone we knew — which is good, because HuffPost readers were as excited as we were. It gives nails a healthy boost making them look super natural and happy. Gift it to your millennial that's always getting their nails done or who is recovering from gels and acrylics and trying to strengthen their natural nails.
A Yeti insulator for a seltzer can
Few things are more millennial than alcoholic seltzer in the tall, thin can. This insulated Yeti drink holder is made for seltzer-sized cans and will keep their drink cold even if they're out in the sun.
A Manta sleek mask
Though they may hate to admit it, your millennial may be getting to the age when a good night's sleep is hard to find. Help block out the light with this Manta sleek mask. It's totally adjustable and forms around their eyes to ensure a comfy fit.
The Olive & June manicure set
Nail lovers in your life will be psyched to score this adorable but power-packed manicure kit that includes a nail file, buffer, clipper, clean-up brush and a container of nail polish remover. It has everything they need for an A+ home manicure or some home touchups between salon visits.
Fleetwood Mac's “Rumours” on vinyl
The magic of the '70s are alive and well with this special gold press copy of Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours" on vinyl. If your millennial has a record player, they'll love to hear the classic hits, and even if they don't, they may love to display it in their home.
Everyday Oil
A travel size Everyday Oil
I am a long-time lover of Everyday Oil after staying at a very cool, very low-maintenance friend's house years ago and stealing a few pumps from her bottle. It's an all-over unisex body oil for y limbs, face, hair and nails that smells like Palo Santo. It's such a simple luxury to put on after a shower and this travel-sized bottle is perfect for feeling put together while traveling or on the go.
A countertop compost bin
Got an eco-friendly millennial who lives in a city? They'll love this compact compost kit that they can keep on their counter. The fun colors make it a little more homey and the secure top can keep odors and fruit flies at bay.
A set of sleek glass tumblers
This set of four glass tumblers each comes with their own bamboo top and a glass straw. They look super cute in a cabinet or on the go with whatever high-maintenance oat milk frappe beverage your millennial loves. I recently was gifted a set and can attest to their pleasing size (it just feels good in your hand!) and how easy they complement a variety of kitchen decor schemes.
An ever-trendy salt lamp
A little woo-woo astrology, and a little world traveler, a Himalayan salt lamp fits into a ton of home decor styles and is beloved by millennials. Whether your giftee reads their horoscope before getting out of bed or just likes to keep funky things in their home, they'll be happy to have this in their room or home office.

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