Foolproof Stocking Stuffers That Gen-X Folks Will Love

The Gen Xer in your life may not think to buy these fun presents for themselves, but we guarantee they'll love them.
An Aqua Net tumbler,Hillman College pennant pin, Nintendo coasters and a Trapper Keeper.
RowdyandRetro on Etsy, ReformedSchool on Etsy, Amazon, Walmart
An Aqua Net tumbler,Hillman College pennant pin, Nintendo coasters and a Trapper Keeper.

The middle child of the generations, Gen Xers seem to get written about less than boomers or millennials. It is for this reason — and because the ’80s and ’90s hold a treasure trove of pop culture references — that we are dedicating an entire stocking stuffer gift guide to those born between 1965 and 1980.

We’re being a little theoretical with the term — not every item can literally fit into a traditionally sized stocking — but the gifts in the list ahead are all small, sweet, under $40 and not purely practical. From a trio of Lip Smackers to a mini Atari that actually works, these are fun presents that the Gen Xer in your life may not think to buy for themselves, but will cherish nonetheless.

Of course, we did throw in some more universal and purely useful items that anyone would be happy to get more of, like phone chargers and a firming lotion, to ensure that every Gen Xer gets something they really like. You’ll probably find some gifts for yourself as well.

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STAMPEDEusa on Etsy
A "No Soup For You" spoon
One of the most quoted lines from Seinfeld, you can get your loved one their very own spoon with "No soup for you" pressed into it. Choose between a new-looking or vintage-finish spoon they can enjoy with medium turkey chili, no bread.
A tiny arcade Atari that actually plays games
A tiny novelty toy that actually works, this mini Atari comes with nine games and lets them play their favorite old games like Pong and Centipede. It's the perfect thing to keep on a desk or dresser or to keep them busy when they're bored.
A trio of Lip Smackers
Strawberry, cotton candy and watermelon — need we say anything more? This trio of iconic flavorful lip balms is a welcome blast from the past.
A Bayside Tigers mug
Be saved by the coffee as you enjoy a hot beverage from this Bayside Tigers mug. Inspired by “Saved By The Bell,” it comes in the school's colors and is microwave-safe.
RowdyandRetro on Etsy
An Aqua Net drink tumbler
If you can still remember the smell of Aqua Net, you probably need this super whimsical drink tumbler that looks like a big can of classic hairspray. You can snag one in a 20- or 30-ounce size to take the '80s with you wherever you go.
Giftette on Etsy
Or a Tumbler showcasing their favorite cassettes
The music-lovers in the house will get a kick of this cassette-themed tumbler that shows various heavy metal artists. It's has double-wall vacuum installation to keep drinks hot or cold for hours.
An old school phone case that's also a Gameboy
You may think that this is just a novelty rubber Gameboy phone case made for show, but you, my friend would be wrong. This case is an actual portable gaming toy, letting your Gen Xer play 36 different games in vibrant colors. It has its own charging outlet to keep it powered up.
Or an iPhone case that looks like a brick cell phone
Ok, this one is just a novelty rubber case, but it's so freakin' cute. Give a shout-out to the old brick cell phones of days passed with this loveably clunky case.
A landline inspired phone plug-in
If your Gen Xer misses talking on the landline for hours, they'll get a kick out of this phone plug-in that looks like an old-school receiver. (Note: it has an AUX output so you'll likely need a dongle to make it work with a more recent iPhone.)
A set of iPhone chargers
Give the gift of never being without a charger or a wall block again with this set of three USB-C wall charging blocks and three 6-foot lightning cords. It's a universal gift anyone with an iPhone will be happy to score.
An adorable rainbow multitool
Is there anything cuter than this colorful multitool that holds seven hex keys, a Phillips-head screwdriver, a slotted screwdriver and a star screwdriver? Friends that bike or love to be handy will be so glad to finally have a versatile tool in a fun selection of hues.
"Jeopardy" socks
Take "Fun Gifts" for $1,200 with this pair of Jeopardy socks (which also come in a "Wheel of Fortune" version). They're a one-size unisex fit that any gameshow lover will be glad to have.
A Revision Skincare lip replenisher
If the holidays aren't the time to splurge on a pricey overnight lip treatment for someone you love, I don't know when is. This powerful product is made with several peptides like palmitoyl tripeptide-1 and palmitoyl tripeptide-38, as well as vitamins E and C, green tea and shea butter to keep aging lips looking fresh and plump.
A Trapper Keeper just like the original
Make filing taxes or organizing utility bills a little more exciting for them with this original-style Trapper Keeper. It comes with internal folders and a three-ring binder to keep things sorted.
BrokenHeartDesign on Etsy
Or a Trapper Keeper ornament
If you don't want to commit to a full Trapper Keeper, this sparkly ornament shows off the beloved binder but barely takes up any space. Your Gen Xer will get a kick out of putting it on the tree every year.
Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré
Shopping writer and beauty enthusiast Tessa Flores started seeing this French moisturizer all over TikTok in the spring and confirmed it's worth the hype. It has a shea butter-based formula that functions as a nourishing hydrator for your face and can be used as a makeup primer, especially on mature skin, as it's rich texture helps smooth fine lines. It soon became a fan fave here at HuffPost, and would make for a great stocking stuffer.
A collection of photos and essays from the early days of hip-hop
The music lover in your life will drool over this collection of photos, essays and interviews from hip-hop legends. "Contact High" showcases never-before-seen outtakes and behind-the-scenes shots from over 100 photoshoots and makes for a great coffee table book that people will actually want to read.
Londontown’s Kur illuminating nail concealer
If you have a Gen Xer that's into nail care, they'll be excited to score a bottle of this nail concealer. Unlike a basic polish, this gives your nails a healthy boost making them look super natural and more even.
A Magic 8 Ball for all of life's questions
There's no question too great for the Magic 8. Keep young and old hands occupied for hours with this timeless toy.
TruSkin Vitamin C serum
A great self-gift or a stocking stuffer, this powerful vitamin C serum is a reader favorite here at HuffPost and for good reason. It can help fade dark spots, support collagen production and address fine lines and wrinkles.
A set of floppy disk coasters
Finally, an actual use for a floppy disk. Old school computer nerds will love to rest their beverages on these colorful coasters.
Or a set of coasters that look like old Nintendo games
These retro-inspired coasters look like old Nintendo games like Super Mario and Zelda. They're a perfect gift for gamers as they look great just lying around a table, and will be a great conversation starter and memory-jogger for the Gen Xers you know, too.
Jollygoodcreations on Etsy
A pair of Rubik's cube cufflinks
Ah, a Rubik's cube you can solve quickly. This set of cufflinks shows off the cult-favorite puzzle and lets you dress it up in style.
ReformedSchool on Etsy
A Hillman College pennant pin
A little nod to a “A Different World,” show off your school spirit with this Hillman College pennant pin. Clip it on a jacket or tote bag to channel your favorite fictional HBCU or remember Dwayne and Whitley.
NatureWell clinical retinol advanced moisture cream
Another self-gift or stocking stuffer, we think NatureWell's clinical retinol advanced moisture cream is one of Amazon's best kept secrets and one of the best anti-aging hand and body creams with retinol. It uses advanced micro-encapsulated retinol to keep skin smooth and firm and won't break the bank if your giftee inevitably falls in love and buys it multiple times a year. This is a great gift for a skincare lover in your life or as a self-treat in the cold winter months.
dailydevotionShop on Etsy
A prayer candle with Sinéad O'Connor
If your Gen Xer is still mourning Sinéad O'Connor, nothing will compare 2 this devotional candle. Reviewers say it comes wrapped up nicely and safely and goes great on a coffee table or vanity.
A Lite-Brite to keep on their desk
This isn't just any Lite-Brite — it's the world's smallest one. A perfectly petite toy that will bring back memories without taking up too much space, this tiny Lite-Brite is great for home offices or bookshelves alike.

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