Stylish Drink Dispensers For Your Next Party

Iced tea, fruit punch, sangria and cocktails never looked so good.
Beverage dispensers from Food52, Anchor Hocking and Williams Sonoma.
Food52, Amazon, Williams Sonoma
Beverage dispensers from Food52, Anchor Hocking and Williams Sonoma.

Whether you’re planning your kid’s birthday picnic or getting ready to throw a rowdy backyard bash, it’s wise to have a large beverage dispenser on hand to dole out drinks. Not only do they add a surprisingly elegant element to a table, but they’re wildly convenient as well. A drink dispenser makes it easy to have one designated beverage for the event, whether it be a punch, sangria or even just juice for kiddos, saving both money on ingredients for multiple cocktails and time making individual drinks. It also reduces clutter on a table with limited space and will last for years to come, making it a great investment.

A chic beverage dispenser looks great with all kinds of decor, whether it be rustic, vintage or modern. There is a surprising amount of flexibility when it comes to aesthetics. It’s ideal for alcoholic beverages or an easy way for kids to pour their own drinks without the assistance of grownups. Below, we’ve rounded up eight of the most stylish beverage dispensers we could find; there’s no sacrificing form for function here. Pick one up before your next summer gathering and enjoy a hassle-free event, at least where drinks are concerned.

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Williams Sonoma
Williams Sonoma stacking glass beverage dispenser
Together, these Williams Sonoma stacking glass drink dispensers hold more than eight quarts of liquid, and are ideal for someone who wants to serve two different options but doesn't want to take up space with whole separate dispensers. The wide tops make it easy to fill and clean, while two stainless steel spouts work hard to keep your tablecloth drip-free. Snag the attractive base here to take the whole presentation up a notch.
A slim glass drink dispenser
If you have limited storage space, this slim two-and-a-half-quart glass dispenser is for you. It's made with lightweight yet durable glass with a stable base that won't wobble around precariously. It has a stainless steel spigot and a sweet old-timey design to add a rustic vibe to your tablescape.
Anchor Hocking two-gallon Heritage Hill beverage dispenser
This two-quart Anchor Hocking jar from Amazon gives you a whole lot of bang for your buck, holding two gallons of the refreshing and delicious drinks of your choice. It's a great option for kombucha lovers, since the spigot is high enough to avoid the yeast that collects at the bottom. The dispenser and matching lid are wide-mouthed for convenient filling and cleaning and are double walled for strength and durability.
Casafina ceramic and glass drink dispenser
Made in Portugal from stoneware and glass, this beautiful Casafina dispenser from Food52 is as good-looking as it is functional. It holds over two and a half gallons of liquid, making it one of the highest-capacity receptacles of the bunch. The ceramic base and lid pair beautifully with the elegant glass jar, adding a unique quality that makes it stand out from other dispensers.
A set of two hammered glass beverage dispensers
Don't want to buy a stand separately? No problem. This set of two dispensers has a decorative metal stand to (literally) elevate these sophisticated drink dispensers. They have wide-mouth tops and a lovely hammered glass design that puts a spin on the simple glass container. Each dispenser holds one gallon of liquid, ensuring there will be plenty of refreshing drinks to go around.
A Mason jar-style glass beverage dispenser
Made of high-quality, strong and durable glass, this glass dispenser was made for your next picnic. It has a wide mouth top, accompanying Mason jar-style tin lid and stainless steel spigot and holds just under a gallon of liquid. It's as pretty as can be and wildly convenient.
CB2 Sir glass beverage dispenser
CB2's understated and timeless glass dispenser is hand blown, cut and polished in Poland and features a stunning silver spigot. It has a wider round opening and can hold just under one and a half gallons of the tasty beverage of your choice. You'll come back to it again and again.
A set of jar-style glass beverage dispensers
This simple duo has a simple, straightforward Mason jar design, tin screw top lids and all. They come with their own metal stand, hold a gallon of liquid each and are a simple, yet stylish, way to keep drinks flowing at your next event. Reviewers also note that they're great for holding laundry detergent.

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