Americans' Dip Preferences For The Super Bowl, Broken Down By State

Google shared the most uniquely searched game day dips across the U.S.
From chili cheese to buffalo chicken to spinach and artichoke, the game day dip options are endless.
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From chili cheese to buffalo chicken to spinach and artichoke, the game day dip options are endless.

Chicken wings, nachos and beer have long been game day staples. But for many Americans, Super Bowl Sunday is all about the dips.

In honor of “the big game” on Sunday between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers, the folks at Google Trends shared the most uniquely searched dips in every state, as well as the top searched recipes and drinks people want for the Super Bowl in the U.S. as a whole.

Google Trends

Perhaps unsurprisingly, buffalo chicken dip reigns supreme as the dip of choice in 16 states. Meanwhile, “spinach dip,” “artichoke dip” or “spinach and artichoke dip” dominated in nine states.

“One of the biggest elements of Super Bowl culture is the parties that people host for the big game, so we wanted to take a look at what foods people were searching for when it came to this event,” Annanya Raghavan, an analyst with Google Trends, told HuffPost.

Google’s data is based on searches for dip recipes including the term “Super Bowl” that showed a higher volume in a given state compared to the country as a whole.

“I always find it interesting when we see a pattern emerge based on regions,” Raghavan said. “For the dips we can see that the Midwest skews towards buffalo dips, while the coastal states are searching for seafood or fish dips.”

As for what people are eating with their Super Bowl dips, it seems the tortilla chip is the clear winner. The online grocery platform Instacart also released data around consumer spending around game day.

According to its report, tortilla chips are the No. 1 snack during the week of the Super Bowl. They also see their biggest spike in sales on the platform during that week.

Looking beyond the dips, Google’s Super Bowl data also included the most searched big game recipes and drinks from the previous month. On the recipe front, there was expected fare like chili, sloppy joes and sliders ― along with goulash, shrimp scampi and cheesecake. The dominant cocktails were the Manhattan, Shirley Temple, Sidecar and Sex on the Beach.


  1. Shrimp scampi recipe
  2. Chili recipe
  3. Meatloaf recipe
  4. Meatball recipe
  5. Sliders recipe
  6. Sloppy joe recipe
  7. Goulash recipe
  8. Pizza dough recipe
  9. Alfredo sauce recipe
  10. Cheesecake recipe


  1. Manhattan drink
  2. Shirley Temple drink
  3. Sidecar drink
  4. Sex on the beach drink
  5. Roy Rogers drink
  6. Screwdriver drink
  7. Grasshopper drink
  8. Painkiller drink
  9. Cosmopolitan drink
  10. John Daly drink

“I hope that maybe people find some inspiration in the data for their own Super Bowl parties,” Raghavan said. “And maybe they’ll include a dish that they didn’t think of or hadn’t heard of before.”

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