13 Under-$50 Tech Gifts That’ll Make Life Easier

These gadgets prove that the coolest gift is not the biggest box under the tree.
An Apple AirTag, hands-free reading light, three-in-one wireless charger and mug warmer.

The best thing about tech products, in my opinion, is their ability to make life just a little bit easier. Luckily, you don’t need to invest in something expensive to make a difference; these relatively affordable gadgets, all clocking in at under $50, make a sizable impact without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a frequent traveler, bookworm, student or someone who could just use a little more convenience in their life, we’ve got you covered. These handy tech choices will prove their usefulness more and more as time goes on. Read on for our top recommendations. You might find something that’ll help streamline your life along the way, too.

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A highly rated Apple AirTag to keep track of precious items
Gift your recipient an AirTag for some peace of mind that promises to far surpass this gadget’s under-$30 price tag. Your loved one can use it to keep track of their wallet, car, pet, purse and more; scores of reviewers report using their AirTags to track down lost luggage even faster than the airport could. You can even add on a stylish AirTag case for good measure, which you can also attach to a pet collar.
A popular and practical mug warmer
A mug warmer makes a perfect gift for coffee and tea lovers so they can keep their beverages hot and tasting fresh. This highly-rated Vobaga option gives you maximum bang for your buck with three temperature settings, an automatic shut-off safety feature and a dependable, sturdy design. It’ll also make a chic gift thanks to its sleek design. You can choose between multiple colors, including a handsome imitation wood grain style.
A bestselling hands-free reading light
Bookworms will appreciate this highly-rated LED nightlight that provides concentrated light on the page without bothering a bedmate. It’s designed to be worn around the neck so they can get on with the task at hand with unencumbered hands (its arms are bendy and adjustable to get just the right fit). Rechargeable, with three colors and six brightness levels to choose from, this would also make a great gift for knitters, campers, DIY enthusiasts and anyone else who needs good, hands-free lighting. It’s available in eight colors.
A popular three-in-one wireless charger for Apple products
This three-in-one wireless charger is a fan favorite for helping rid nightstands of cluttered, tangled cords and charging an iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods all in one sleek place. It’s also great for travel, since it can be folded up and tossed it into a carry-on for easy charging on the go.
A highly rated remote control page turner for Kindles and iPads
Reading on Kindles and iPads is great (did you ever think you’d be able to access hundreds of titles on something weighing less than a pound?). The only downside is having to tap, tap and swipe at the screen when it’s time to turn the page.

This remote control solves this issue so each page can be turned easily and conveniently. It may sound simple, but trust me when I say it’s actually quite impactful: Tons of reviewers testify to this tiny gadget being a true game-changer. (Think about it — they won't have to take their hands out of a cozy blanket to keep reading or have to touch a screen when their hands are dirty.) Once your loved one tries this gift out, they'll never want to go back.
A popular, convenient electric lighter
This handy little rechargeable electric lighter is ideal for anyone who loves candles and incense or who otherwise goes through disposable lighters and matches quickly. It's intuitive to use and easy to charge, so it'll serve them well for a long time to come. Plus, it's wind- and splash-proof so it can keep up with indoor or outdoor activities. It comes in multiple colors so you can match it to your recipient's personality.
Kasa Smart Wi-Fi mini plugs
These handy and surprisingly affordable Kasa smart plugs are a favorite among HuffPost editors. They allow users to turn home electronics on and off from anywhere, so your giftee will never have to waste money on their electric bill after forgetting to turn off their fan or lamp again.

An added perk? By being able to turn lights off and on while they're gone, they can make it look like someone is home even while they're on vacation. That's just smart.
A practical portable charger for iPhones
You never think you need a portable charger until you do. This highly-rated iWalk power bank will have your person's back when they need it, making it an endlessly useful stocking stuffer. It's small enough to keep in a purse or backpack without adding extra weight, and can even fit in a pocket. It works with iPhone models 6-14, is also available in a version for Android and Samsung Galaxy phones, and comes in multiple colors.
An Echo Pop
Echo Pop is the newest addition to everyone’s favorite Alexa smart device lineup, now extra compact and user-friendly, making it a decidedly ahead-of-the-curve gift. It’ll play music and podcasts for them, set timers, check the weather, make calls, re-order toilet paper, answer questions, read the news for them and way, way more.
The ever-popular Rocketbook smart notebook
This bestselling smart notebook may well change the game for professionals and students. It allows them to take pen-to-paper notes which they can then send to their email, Google Drive or cloud of their choice so they can access those same notes on their phone and computer. Once the notes have been digitized, they can just erase the page with a damp cloth and start over. I'm convinced it's truly wow-worthy. It's available in two sizes and various colors.
A Blink video doorbell
With two-way audio, HD video during the day and infrared capability at night, this Blink video doorbell allows them to keep an live eye on their doorstep wherever they are. It also sends notifications when it detects motion or when someone presses it.

Reviewers say it's a great gadget for the cost, plus helps provide peace of mind. They can also add voice control by combining the Blink with an Alexa-enabled screen device. Folks who live alone or have been dealing with their packages getting stolen may especially appreciate this gift.
An extra bright mini flashlight
This powerful, useful little flashlight provides 1000 lumens of light while only as big as a tube of lip balm. It'll fit easily in your loved one's pocket, purse or junk drawer to help with any emergencies like a sudden loss of power, or even if they just need to walk the dog or take out the trash at night.
A two-pack of 10-foot charging cords
Everyone could always use more chargers, especially extra-long, durable ones that promise to stand the test of time with heavy use. These 10-foot iPhone chargers are designed with fast-charging capability and sport bendable braided nylon cords to help ensure their longevity. They're a practical addition to anyone's stocking so they can stay plugged-in and charged all year long.

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