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How To Get Relief From Pain — Fast

We have come a long way...
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Today, pain relievers can quickly rid us of our aches, but it wasn’t always that way. For centuries, humans looked for ways to alleviate pain using things like herbs and heating pads to bring some comfort.

It wasn’t until modern scientists really understood the science of pain that they could treat it effectively. Now they know how to target pain at a cellular level, which can deliver comfort at a super high speed. These scientific breakthroughs allow us to feel better faster, so we can keep up with today’s on-the-go lifestyle without a hitch.

Check out the video above, created in partnership with Sensodyne® Rapid Relief toothpaste, to see exactly how pain relievers are delivering quick relief.

In this modern world, there’s no time to deal with pain. That’s why you need a toothpaste that helps prevent discomfort before it even starts. With Sensodyne® Rapid Relief, you can get proven tooth sensitivity pain relief in just three days, with twice daily brushing.


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